• No more plastic bottles!

    With TAPP you are free from these inconvenient, expensive pesky plastic bottles that are bad for the planet.

  • 100+ filtered substances

    Lime, chlorine (responsible for bad taste), microplastics, heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, sand, rust and so much more.

  • Independently tested

    Tested by an international laboratory and certified to be effective for the Malta public water supply.

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  • Save money

    The TAPP EcoPro water filter delivers up to 1,00 Litres at less than €0.02c a litre, saving you at least 23c every litre compared to bottled water.

  • Guaranteed

    For every purchase you have a 45 day full refund guarantee if you have to return your filter for any reason.

    95% of customers keep their TAPPs so we stand confidently behind our guarantee.

  • Perfect for cooking

    Use your filtered TAPP Water for all your cooking and preparing fruit and vegetables.

    Easily switch between filtered and non-filtered water.

  • Great for pets and plants

    Removing sediment, rust and the other 100 impurities filtered by TAPP Water is good for you, your pets and your plants.

  • Easy to fit - no technician needed

    TAPP Water filters are designed so you can easily fit them yourself to over 90% of the mixers available in Malta. Just change the filters regularly which just takes a minute.

  • Coffee & tea taste great

    TAPP Water is great for coffee and tea, the limescale inhibitor protects your kettle and coffee machine and the filtered water is perfect for infusions.

  • Eliminate microplastics

    Current research suggests we are all ingesting up to 5g a day, the equivalent of 1 credit card, in microplastics from water and food supplies. A TAPP Water filter eliminates microplastics found in your water supply.

  • Subscriptions

    Save 10% by subscribing to filter refill packs and have peace of mind that you will always have filters on time.

  • Free delivery - Zero Emissions

    We never charge for delivery and we use a Zero Emission delivery partner to bring TAPP straight to your door.

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#TAPPHeroes impact in Malta

  • 2,000+ TAPP Households in Malta

  • 1.3 Million plastic bottles eliminated

  • 322t of CO2 emisions avoided

  • €644,000 Saved

  • 45t Plastic waste removed

  • 3.8 Million litres water saved

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Download the MyTAPP App on Android or IOS and get timely reminders to change filters. Record CO2 emissions avoided, plastic bottles eliminated and €'s saved.