– TAPP EcoPro & EcoPro Compact uses the highest quality coconut shell-based carbon-block filter, used for maximum filtering of chemicals and improvement of taste. This was selected after testing over 40 different variants and building on from our original TAPP 1 filter.

– TAPP EcoPro & EcoPro Compact delivers more clean filtered water for the money than any pitcher, reverse osmosis or faucet filter available on the market today.

– TAPP EcoPro & EcoPro Compact is quicker than any pitcher, reverse osmosis or submersed charcoal filter.

– TAPP EcoPro is the only filter with reusable refill cartridge casings so much less plastic waste when changing refill cartridges.

– TAPP EcoPro Compact is the only faucet water in Malta that has no plastic casing round the refill cartridges.

– No wastage of water with the TAPP EcoPro, just instant great tasting water.

– Customer trust and safety is always our first priority. All product claims and information about TAPP filters are based on scientific facts and testing.

Read our in-depth articles to compare:

TAPP v Bottled Water

TAPP v Reverse Osmosis

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Public tap water in Malta is subject to regular and rigorous controls and meets all the EU standards, but many people do not like the taste, or trust the safety of their water.

Filtered tap water is safe and healthy to drink and also much cheaper than bottled water. 

TAPP water filters additionally remove any contaminants as well as chlorine which is often the origin of poor tasting water.

Filtered tap water is much more environmentally friendly than bottled water. Just consider the CO2 footprint of bottled water production, transportation and distribution. And last but not least, using a TAPP water filter is more convenient, as you can stop carrying heavy water bottles from the supermarket home.

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Based on tests performed on the type of activated carbon block used in TAPP Water filters pharmaceuticals are reduced by 95% or more. This includes: Hormones: prednisone, prednisolone, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol Antibiotics: ciprofloxacin, used to prevent certain infections caused by bacteria, as well as sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim, which are used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections including pneumonia, and urinary tract and intestinal infections Antidepressants: fluoxetine, prescribed to treat a variety of conditions, including depression and other mental/mood disorders Anti-anxiety medication: meprobamate, a treatment used to relieve nervousness or tension that exceeds stress of everyday life Painkillers: ibuprofen and naproxen Additional tests will be performed during 2020 to confirm these results.

TAPP EcoPro reduces Chlorine by 95% or more based on 100s of tests carried out on tap water around the world. This improves the taste instantly for chlorinated water. In addition to this TAPP EcoPro removes all known bi-products from Chlorine (whereof some potentially cancerogenic such as THMs).

Yes, TAPP EcoPro reduces Chloramine by 95% or more based on more than 50 tests carried out on tap water in Los Angeles and other cities using chloramine rather than Chlorine. In addition to this Amonia is reduced by 90% or more.

TAPP EcoPro is tested for lead reduction and removal in accordance with NSF 53. This means lead is reduced by 95% or more.

TAPP EcoPro removes all microplastics that have been found so far in tap water thanks to the 1-2 micron carbon block. 

TAPP EcoPro reduces Nitrate by 90% or more based on independent lab tests.

TAPP EcoPro reduces Nitrate by 90% or more based on independent lab tests.

TAPP EcoPro reduces fluoride by 30-70% based on independent lab tests. Fluoride is a natural compound found most fresh water sources, tea, vegetables and fruit. It’s not considered a contaminant although we are aware that some people are concerned about the health effects. Many water filters claim fluoride removal but in reality we’ve found that reverse osmosis is the only effective way to reduce fluoride by 95% or more.

TAPP EcoPro is not certified for arsenic removal but in the tests where arsenic was detected before filtering more than 70% was removed. The maximum concentration level recommended by EPA and WHO is 10 mg/l. Therefore the results mean that for any tap water with 50 mg/l or higher concentration of arsenic alternative solutions should be considered.

Calcium is considered a mineral with health benefits and not a contaminant. Unfortunately calcium also has the unfortunate bi-effect of causing limescale in combination with magnesium carbonates. TAPP EcoPro effectively reduces calcium and limescale with a propriety mix inside the carbon block filter by up to 80%.

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TAPP EcoPro in Malta has been independently tested and the results are give in this article.

The PH of the water from Malta public water supply was tested at 8.93 BEFORE filtration and 9.3 AFTER filtration.

Read more about Malta's wonderful alkaline mineral water.


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The 5 stage filtration system includes:

  • Stage 1. Polypropylene screen wrapper (New)This wraps around the carbon block and filters out larger microorganisms, sediment, silt, rust, scale particles and other impurities. It also protects the carbon block from being contaminated by human hands when it’s changed.Stage 2: Activated Carbon AdsorptionThe organic activated carbon removes chemical organic material, chlorine, chlorine byproducts (VOCs, THMs, HAAS, etc) taste, odor, pesticides, herbicides, PFAS and 50+ other contaminants. It also reduces heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury and more.
  • Stage 3: Carbon Block MicrofiltrationThe carbon block is highly compressed to prevent particles larger than 1-2 micrometers from passing through. This prevents for example all microplastics, suspended particles and most bacteria from passing through the filter. It also prevents most particles from pipe corrosion and biofilm (bacteria build inside the pipes) from passing through.
  • Stage 4: Limescale & heavy metal inhibition (New)This is a proprietary formula (referred to as PSS) used inside the carbon block that breaks down the mineral to prevent limescale from forming and further reduce heavy metals. Previously we did about 50% and now this is increased to 80% reduction.Stage 5: Strainer MeshFilters out hair, sand, dirt and other impurities from the pipes for the filtered water.
You can read more about our Advanced Microfiltration here.
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We answer this by confirming that the founders of TAPP Water in Spain both have used TAPP Water filters with their babies and young children.

Furthermore in Malta we offer this article by Maria Vella from Ikkuluriti the Eco Friendly Family store where Maria describes using TAPP EcoPro Water filters with babies and young children in Malta.

Some mothers are concerned about Sodium in the tap water in Malta. Our independent tested results are of arround 20mg/Litre which is a level of sodium well within safety guidelines and so when used with baby formula TAPP Water Filters are a great option for mothers and babies.
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That would be ideal. To do a real taste test you need the water filter in your home and for a few days.

That is why we offer a 45 day money back guarantee so you can order your filter, fit it easily at home and if anything is not right for you just return the unit for your refund. We are confident you will not need to do that! In fact 95% of customers keep their TAPP Water filter.

You can go to a retail store and try the water - please see our TAPP Water retail partners in Malta.

You are welcome to contact us and ask for a "Home Demo" in Malta, your TAPP can be fitted on your mixer, you can try the water and keep the TAPP if you like it! You can therefore try before you buy with no obligation. The 45 day guarrantee still applies too.
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The TAPP EcoPro connects directly to your tap and can work with low water pressure.
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Our customers tell us through their practical experience that slowing the water going through the filter down can be useful when someone is unsure about the taste or is still getting used to it.

The majority of customers like the taste straight away, but in certain cases you could try reducing the flow rate down.

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Yes. The simple switcher means you can easily change between filtered and non-filtered water.

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We get lovely reviews from our clients and you can see these as follows

Some reviews will mention TAPP 2 TWIST the old name for TAPP EcoPro:

What people are saying

Facebook Reviews

Video Reviews

We invite you to add your own!

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On the TAPP EcoPro, the numbers are on a dial that can be set to remind you when to change your filters.

Set the dial for 3 months time when installing a new filter, each dot represents a week, each number refers to a month so 1 is January, 2 is February etc...

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Just remove the white collar where the water comes out unfiltered from TAPP EcoPro and then screw on the Government Supplied Aerator.

Please remember that TAPP EcoPro already is equiped with an aerator, but you are free to add another.

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TAPP ECOPro refill cartridges are made from coconut shells and absorbs chemicals, gases, metals and organic elements thanks to its microscopic structure and highly porous surface.

The materials we use in our filters reflect our commitment to sustainability, quality and durability.

The cartridge housing is made of ABS and PC plastic, which is free of BPA and phthalates and is manufactured from natural raw materials.

The carbon block found inside the cartridge housing and which filters your water is made of coconut shells (70%) — which biodegrade in CO2 and water — and UHMW (30%) — which is inert and stable and doesn’t accumulate in marine life.

Our product also contains two small silicone parts that hold the carbon block in place to ensure maximum filter efficiency. These parts decompose in amorphous silica, carbon dioxide and water.

We continue to innovate and are committed to creating a 100% biodegradable filter – as biodegradable is always better than relying on recycling. Better for the planet, better for our children and better for ourselves. We know we are on the right path by having created a better solution available right now compared to what existed before.

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The Government of Malta currently have a scheme which will remiburse you 15.25% of the cost of your TAPP Water Filter and any fitting cost.

The application is done online and an eID is required for this and it just takes a few days for payment to come through diretckt to your bank from the VAT office.

You will need a PDF copy of your invoice which will have been sent to you when you ordered, and you will nee to quote the VAT number of TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd which is on your invoice.

If you purchased your TAPP EcoPro at a retail store in Malta then you will just need the VAT receipt showing the purchase of a water filter.

Applications are accepted from residents of Malta over 18 years of age, and not more then 3 months from the purchase date. There can be only one grant application per household.

You will need our VAT Number: 27178032

When completing your details/instalation detials leave VAT Number and Order Number blank


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TAPP Water filters have been independently tested in Malta and globally and you can read the full details of the tests in this detailed article.

You can download the results of the independent Test results on Malta Public Supply here (In Spanish as we used an international laboratory):

Before Filtration

After Filtration

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Our TAPP EcoPro Water Filters are available in two sizes:

TAPP EcoPro and TAPP EcoPro Compact

The filtering process is the same for both models.

The differences are:

  •  Size - TAPP EcoPro Compact is the smallest faucet filter available - less than 6cm high
  • Filter refill cartridge capacity - TAPP EcoPro Compact refill cartridges have a capacity of 400 Litres, so using up to 12 Litres a day a filter cartridge refill will last 1 month, and using up to 6L a day a refill will last 2 months. TAPP EcoPro filter cartridge refills have a capacity of up to 1200 Litres, up to 13 Litres a day over 3 months.
  • Time limitsTAPP EcoPro filter cartridge refills can only be used up to 3 months, TAPP EcoPro Compact can only be used for a maximum of 2 months.
  • Flexibility - For households using less than 12 Litres a day a TAPP EcoPro Compact is more flexible, for instance up to 6 Litres a day, change your filter cartridges every 2 months and up to 12 Litres a day change every 1 months. With TAPP EcoPro just change every 3 months.
  • Simplicity - TAPP EcoPro is really simple, just change your filter cartridge refills every 3 months.
  • Reminders - TAPP EcoPro has a handy dial ontop you can set to remind you to change your filter cartridges.

Checkout this handy guide to choosing your TAPP Filter.

Watch TAPP Talk Live #8 EcoPro or EcoPro Compact?

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Drinking water from a TAPP Water filter is 10X cheaper than bottled water.

4 filters a year for the TAPP EcoPro is 69 euros

Each filter can deliver up to 1,200L which is 4,800 L per year

This means that TAPP Water costs less than 0.02c per litre

Plastic bottled water is about 3 euros for 6 of the 2L bottles

So that is 0.25c per Litre

TAPP Water is 10X cheaper

You can read more about how to get an extra €238 a year from your supermarket points instead of using points for plastic bottled water

Or watch a recording of TAPP Talk Live #4 How to save money and avoid buying plastic bottled water

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The quality of your water and the efficiency of the filter’s filtration capacity can only be guaranteed for a usage capacity equivalent to 3 months.

Our quality parameters for filtering substances and contaminants are above 95% in most cases (depending on the type of contaminant it is higher, for instance, with chlorine filtration efficiency is at 99%).

The filtration of contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides, VOCs, and microplastics do not meet our quality parameters after 3 months of usage.

If you use your cartridge beyond 3 months, filtration efficiency will decay below our minimum standards.

Keep in mind that carbon is an organically based material that provides a breeding ground for microorganisms on which bacteria can multiply over time.

These bacteria build up behind the filter and contaminate the water in the pipe system. This is normal for all activated carbon filters, regardless of whether you live alone or with many people, or if the filter hasn’t been used for some time.

A quick reminder in case you don’t use the filter for a couple of daysflush for 30 seconds before consumption to avoid bacteria intake.

Our filter cartridges are highly effective at absorbing the smallest substances, contaminants, and particles (1-2 microns) for 3 months in a household of up to 6 people.

During 3 months our TAPP EcoPro cartridges can filter up to 1200 liters of water, which is equivalent to 400 liters per month or approximately 13 liters per day.

TAPP EcoPro Compact refill cartridges can filter up to 300 litres of water and it is still recommended to change every 3 months.

This amount of water per day perfectly enables you to use your filtered tap water not only for direct consumption but also for cooking, preparing hot beverages, your beloved pets and even watering your indoor plants.

In order to give a little context on how we got to 3 months, it’s important to understand that the quality of filtration is directly proportional to 2 factors: 

  • the quality of the tap water being filtered and 
  • the quantity of the water that has been filtered so far.

This means that if the water is heavily contaminated, or if you live in a household of more than 6 people, we recommend changing a TAPP EcoPro cartridge refill every 2 months, instead of 3, and a TAPP EcoPro Compact cartridge refill every 2 weeks, instead of monthly.

3 months after tap water first ran through the filter the growth of bacteria will increase, the carbon block saturates with contaminants and the filter loses its adsorption capacity, which means that, from a microbiological and filtration efficiency point of view, both the quality and safety of your filtered water can no longer be guaranteed

The primary function of a water filter is to prevent different rusts and substances from entering your water.

All of these contaminants being sieved by the filter don’t go anywhere.

They eventually clog the filter, and after a prolonged time (+3 months) you may end up drinking all of the contaminants your filter has managed to filter previously.

How to ensure filtration quality at all times?

When you maintain your filter properly and change the cartridge at least every 3 months, the taste of your water remains consistent and you will stay satisfied with the purity and quality of your filtered water.

And also, learn to trust your own taste buds. If the water doesn’t taste as good after, say, 2.5 months – change the cartridge! Just make sure you never go beyond the 3 months maximum capacity.

And last but not least, a quick reminder in case you don’t use the filter for a couple of daysflush for 30 seconds before consumption to avoid bacteria intake!

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You can register your TAPP2 Twist in the MyTAPP app if you like. But you can also just twist the calendar to set it to 3 months from today (or the day you replace the refill cartridge). The filter has a calendar on it, which reminds you of when you need to replace the cartridge.

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It is best to read the FAQ "Why Do I have to change filters every 3 months" that explains why capacity is less important than time that the filter is being used for.

There is a tested capacity for the TAPP EcoPro filter refill cartridges which is 1200 Litres over a 3 month period, this is sufficient for a family of 5 on average over a 3 month period.

The TAPP EcoPro Compact has a tested capactity of 300 Litres over a maximum of 3 months.

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The TAPP EcoPro filter cartrideg refill is easy to change and it only takes a minute.

Its important to keep the silicone seal that is in the nozzle end of the casing. This is required for the filter to work correctly. When you remove the refill from the casing it is wise to check if the silicone seal has stuck to the top of the refill cartridge, if so remove and return it to the casing at the nozzle end.

First, make sure you are holding the filter casing correctly. Please hold the base, where the water comes out, in the plam of your hand.

Second unscrew the casing whilst holding the base (where the water comes out) and turning the casing anticlockwise in the direction of OPEN as shown by the arrows on the base.

Remove the old filter, replace with a new one.

Settle the casing back ontop of the base and turn clockwise in the direction of CLOSE as shown by the arrows on the base. Ensure you have the thread correctly aligned, it requires no force to turn, so if you find yourself using force something is wrong, so unscrew and start again making sure the casing is settled ontop of the base so the thread will not cross.

Checkout the YouTube Video here: https://youtu.be/ncy7NsTzRC0

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You can dispose of the TAPP EcoPro cartridge refills without the casings in the Mixed Waste black bag waste collection as they are composed of mixed waste and mostly organic components which will break down quickly in landfill.

For the TAPP EcoPro the refill cartridge casing are reused, when they come to the end of their life they can be put in the mixed recyclables (grey) bags.

There are no casings used with the TAPP EcoPro Compact which saves even more plastic.

The design of the TAPP EcoPro refill cartridges reduces plastic waste a few refills per year are placed in Mixed Waste instead of a far greater amount of Mixed and Recyable waste being created through the use of plastic bottles, non recycllable filter materials or casing that are not reccyalable with other filter systems such as pitchers, ceramic filters or reverse osmoisis cartridges.

We may not be able to completely eliminate waste at present but we have reduced it to an absolute minimum and kept the process simple and efficient. We are always working to improve on this.

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This is a very important question to address. Bacteria has historically been a major issue in activated carbon as well as reverse osmosis (RO) filters. As a matter of fact many tests have shown that there is more bacteria in the filtered water than unfiltered for RO filters and pitchers. The solution to this is to use silver-impregnated activated carbon but this is bad for the environment and may also cause some health concerns.

TAPP Water has chosen to use the highest quality activated carbon (Aquasorb HS by Jacobi) without silver. We weighted the pros and cons of including bacteria inhibitors and based on testing we’ve proven that it’s not required. Faucet filters have an advantage as the water going through is relatively high pressure.

If you use the TAPP faucet filter every day then the bacteria growth inside the filter is very limited and below all safety thresholds. However, if you are away for a few days then you should always flush the filter for 20-30 seconds before use. Furthermore after 3-4 months the filter gets clogged with contaminants which may cause increases in bacteria growth and this is why the cartridge refills should always be changed every 3 months.

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Tips for customers who are disatisfied with the taste of the filtered water after changing filter cartridges:

  1. Ensure that the silicone seal arround the nozzle of the cartridge casing of the ECOPRO remains in place when you insert the new cartidge.
  2. Make sure you change the cartridge in less than 3 months.
  3. Flush filter with water for 30 seconds if not used for a some days.
  4. Reduce the water pressure when filtering, lower is always better.
  5. Temperature also affects the taste. Try cooling the water in the fridge
  6.  in a glass or stainless steel container
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If you are finding that the water pressure is significantly lower when passing through the filter it can be one of several issues:

If you are continuing to use an old filter , your filter maybe "used up" and clogged with filtered contaminants. In this case please change your filter for a new one.

If you changed your filter and then noticed a drop in pressure please check that you have placed the filter refill in correctly which the exit hole in the refill matched to the whole in the lid of the casing (EcoPro) or filter unit base (EcoPro Compact).

In the case of the EcoPro please also check that the silicone seal inside the casing that sits between the filter refill and the casing is present.

In the case of the EcoPro Compact please ensure that you have removed the paper protective covers from the filter refill.

If you have checked all these items and still experience difficulty please contact us at hello@tappwater.mt

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The TAPP EcoPro Compact filter refill cartridge is easy to change and it only takes a minute.

Hold the top of the EcoPro Compact and unscrew the nozzle where the filtered water comes out and unscrew clockwise.

If you find any difficulty to turn the opening, then remove the EcoPro Compact filter housing by tilting it away from you and the unit will twist off the bridge component which attaches to the mixer.

Then you can hold the EcoPro Compact upside down in a towel to provide grip and turn the nozzle piece anti-clockwise to unscrew.

Make sure you remove the paper protectors on either side of the EcoPro Compact filters and place inside the housing with the holes in filter refill and lid aligned.

1. Remove the filter from the connecter

2. Remove the cartridge lid

3. Replace the refill

4. Re-attach the filter to the connecter

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If you no longer want filter refill reminders, or want to change the expiry date of your filter refills you can use this simple form an we will update your records.
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If you see white flakes swirling around in your drinking water after filtration, don't panic. There's a simple explanation. You have mineral rich tap water.The white flakes are calcium-magnesium ions that can form during filtration as all other contaminants are removed and the calcium and magnesium molecules bond together. Put simply, your water is nutrient-dense, specifically in calcium. TAPP Water filters don't remove these healthy minerals.The crystals are healthy to consume but will probably disappear over time.

Read more here: https://tappwater.mt/blogs/news/explainer-maltas-wonderful-alkaline-drinking-water

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There are 4 main parts of the EcoPro and these are shown on the diagram below.

The components are the Aerator, Housing, Casing and Valve.

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The TAPP EcoPro just takes a minute to install, just follow the simple instructions on the box going to the website www.tappinstall.me

You first remove the aerator in your tap, replace with an adapter (supplied) if required and attach the TAPP EcoPro in place of the aerator.

When you remove the aerator from your tap, most likely there is a small washer above it, please use this washer above the adapter supplied with your TAPP.

No tools are required for most taps and it only takes a minute to fit.

Run the water through the filter for 30 seconds after installation and then you are good to go.

Watch the EcoPro installation video on for for a tap with an aerator having a thread on the inside or the outside

Watch the EcoPro Compact installation video for a tap with an aerator having a thread on the inside or the outside

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TAPP filters are designed to fit on most standard taps (Metric: M22x1). We also supply an adapter for the most common mixer size in Europe, the M24x1.

In general, you will have to remove the aerator (small device at the faucet tip which unscrews clockwise) from your tap before you can screw on the filter (anticlockwise) which replaces the aerator.

We supply one adapter in the box as standard, and this means that over 80% of taps in Malta can fit straight out of the box. You can quickly check using the process described below.

To find the perfect fit we focus on the size of the aerator, because we are replacing the aerator with the TAPP EcoPro or EcoPro Compact. We are able to supply a range of adapters where these are required and we have a Universal adapter that fits taps without a thread or with no aerator.

You can send us a picture of your tap by email (hello@tappwater.mt) , Whatsapp (+35699866142) or on the Facebook page prior to purchasing and we can help you.

We describe the process we will use below and provide a summary of the adapters we have available:

You can find the adapter you need in two simple steps:

1) Is the thread on the aerator Inside or Outside?

2) Which of the following coins match the top of the aerator, the end that attaches to the tap. 1c, 2c, 5c, 50c, 1e or 2e

With these two pieces of information you can now match your aerator to the adapter below.

For aerators with a thread on the outside:

Aerator smaller than a 1c with a thread on the outside needs an M22M16 adapter

M16M22 Adapter

Aerator the size of a 1c with a thread on the outside needs an M22M18 adapter

M18 M22

Aerator the size of a 2c with a thread on the outside needs an M22M20 adapter

M20 M22

Aerator the size of a 5c with a thread on the outside needs an M22M22 adapter. We also stock an extended version of this adapter for a deeper fit.

M22 M22

Aerator the size of a 1e with a thread on the outside needs an M22M24 adapter which is supplied in the box as standard. (This is the most common fitting size in Malta) .We also stock an extended version of this adapter for a deeper fit.

M24X M22

For aerators with a thread on the inside:

Aerator the size of a 2c with a thread on the inside needs an M22F16 adapter

F16 M22 Adapter

Aerator the size of a 5c with a thread on the inside needs an M22F18 adapter

F18 M22 Adapter

Aerator the size of a 20c with a thread on the inside needs an M22F20 adapter

F20 M22

Aerator the size of a 50c with a thread on the inside needs no adapter, the unit will fit directly on the tap, (this is the 2nd most common fitting size in Malta)

Aerator the size of a 2e with a thread on the inside needs an M22F24 adapter.

F24 M22

None of the above?

For taps with no threads we have our universal adapter and we also have a mix of other adapters we have used in combinations for some fittings that do not meet the criteria above.

For other types of taps then we may well have something that fits just contact us with a picture of your mixer.

You can request your additional adapter by contact us on:

WhatsAPP, SMS, Voice +35699866142


Email: hello@tappwater.mt

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If you are unable to remove the aerator from your tap just contact us for assistance.

You may need the assistance of a plumber or handyman service, or a friend with some DIY skills.

You can also checkout our Universal Aerator Key which should make it easier for you to remove the aerator.

Once your aerator is removed its very easy to fit your TAPP just read the instructions in this article.

If you need guidance you can also send a pic of your tap to hello@tappwater.mt or on WhatsApp +35699866142 or via the Facebook page and we will be able to guide you.

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Most customers can fit their TAPP EcoPro themselves,  just follow the simple instructions in this article, there is also a video. TAPP Water filters are designed so that the majority of customers can fit the TAPP themselves.

If you need professional assistance a plumber or handyman will certainly be able to help you, you could also ask a friend with a few basic DIY skills and some tools.

If either you are finding that your mixer may need a special adapter please read this article which will help you decide how to choose an adapter and where to find them.

If you need guidance please do contact us on Voice/SMS/WhatsApp +35699866142

Facebook, Instagram or by email to hello@tappwater.mt

You can also get help from a professional handyman at www.gigify.mt or download the Gigify APP and search on TAPP Water and you will find assistance.

For a video explanation of why we do not offer fitting ourselves please watch this short minute explanation from TAPP Talk Live #22

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TAPP EcoPro is designed to fit on a kitchen mixer an for use directly from the water main.

However, in some circumstances our customers are very innovative.

Here is a picture of an installation by a customer with TAPP EcoPro being used under the sink to refill stainless steel water bottles.

This particular client had a kitchen mixer that is not ideal for TAPP EcoPro to fit, however our customer was very committed to avert the use of plastic bottles and thus sought out a solution that works for her.

Please see the images below, the TAPP pulls out using a sliding drawer mechanism so bottles and pets bowls can be filled from under the sink.

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But we can highly recommend Sara and Nathan at Ultrataps who have served many of our customers well.

Please mention TAPP Water when contacting them for new mixers from €20 which includes a €5 discount.

Ultrataps have many different styles to choose from and free delivery in Malta.

Nathan: 7909 8775


Ultrataps supply mixers from €20 to €100.

Of course nobody wants to have to change mixers - but you will easily pay for the new mixer when saving money on bottled water mostly within 6 months and easily within 1 year.
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The best way to check this is to send a picture of your mixer to us and we can assist you.

You can send us a picture of your tap by email (hello@tappwater.mt) , Whatsapp (+35699866142) or on the Facebook page prior to purchasing and we can help you.

For some mixers with a hose or shower extension it can be done, but for some it cannot.

It's important to realise that you will never have the shower/hose functionality after fitting.

Special adapters can be supplied for no charge to assist but you may need a professional to fit it for you.

Changing mixers is preferred - you will easily pay for a new mixer in the money you sav on bottled water within the first year of using TAPP.

See this article on getting a new mixer

Here are some mixers with shower/extensions that we have fitted to, most of these are using a special longer adapter than the one supplied as standard. 

The TAPP EcoPro Chrome is quite often a good solution too, see the last photo, as its not so tall and so fits well where the shower hose is a bell shape or is wide.

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For details on how to change the TAPP EcoPro Aerator for cleaning or to replace please see this video:


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The BottlePro has been independently tested and certified by TAPP Water SA and the results published.

We provide a copy to download here.

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Before using the BottlePro remove the filter inside and rinse under cold water for 30 to 60 seconds.

We suggest you do not leave water standing in the BottlePro without use for more than 3 days.

If you do not use your BottlePro for 3 days or more, then remove the filter and rinse under cold water for 30 to 60 seconds to flush any bacteria that may have buil up through non-use.

It is important to change your filter refills after 2 months of use or 150 Litres whichever is first.

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Here is some instruction on how to start using your PitcherPro and you can also watch this YouTube video

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PitcherPro is a jug filter that filters as it pours so there is no waiting for your great tasting drinking water.

Watch the video to see how to change filters and use the TAPP Pitcher Pro
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Yes TAPP Water Sa performed tests on the PitcherPro in November 2021.

The comprehensive results are available here
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As the water passes through the filter, substances such as: lime, chlorine (responsible for the bad taste), THM's, HAA's, PFAS's, microplastics, sand, rust and sediment, lead, mercury, salmonella, legionella, pesticides, herbicides, drug residues, nitrates and 80 Contaminants larger than 1-2 μm (microns) are retained on the spherical particles of activated carbon. The result is filtered and clean water, ready for consumption.
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PitcherPro refills last for between 300L and 450L depending on the quality of the public supply water and for a maximum duration of 3 months.

Over time the filter will become saturated with contaminants and also bacteria may form and so it is essential to change the filter every 3 months.
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Based on comprehensive testing our guidlines suggest that water in your PitcherPro should not be left for more than 3 days without being used.

If more than 3 days elapse then run water through your filter for at least 30 seconds before conumption to flush the filter of bacteria.
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You can watch ourPitcherPro YouTube video for easy tips on replacing your filter refill cartridges.
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The TAPP Ultrafiltration just takes a minute to install.

You first remove the aerator in your tap, replace with an adapter (supplied) if required and attach the TAPP Ultrafiltration in place of the aerator.

When you remove the aerator from your tap, most likely there is a small washer above it, please use this washer above the adapter supplied with your TAPP.

No tools are required for most taps and it only takes a minute to fit.

Run the water through the filter for 30 seconds after installation and then you are good to go.

Please see our YouTube video on the TAPP Ultrafiltration installation.

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Please find a link to the independent test results from November 2020 below.

TAPP 1UF is the old name for TAPP Ultrafiltration which is independently certified to remove over 100 contaminants including 99.9% reduction for bacteria such as Clostridium, eColi, Enterococcus, and Microbial cysts.

TAPP Ultrafiltration independent test results

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It's easy to change the filter on your TAPP Ultrafiltration.

Just unscrew the filter casing and replace with a new filter.

Check out our YouTube video for mor details.

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We demonstrate products online at TAPP Talk Live Monday to Friday at 10am and you can see a recording of a ShowerPro feature on our YouTube channel.

For more details of our daily live shows please click on our Live page

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The TAPP Shower Pro fits either between the hose and the shower head OR between the hose and the bathroom mixer.

In both positions the filter is equally effective.

Video for Bathroom Mixer Installation - White & Chrome

Video for Shower Head installation: Chrome

Simply unscrew the hose as if you were installing a new one and attach your TAPP 1S and enjoy your shower in filtered water. You may need to run the shower after installation for a minute to start the water flow.

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The filtration technology in the TAPP Shower Pro is called KDF-55 and this technology is the only filtration technology that has been independently tested to prove that both Limescale and Chlorine are significantly reduced leading to healthier hair and skin.

KDF-55 is one part of the filtration process, there are another 3 stages of water purifciation for your shower.

You can see the full test results on this link.

TAPP 1S Inside

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The tested capacity of a TAPP Shower Pro is 40,000L and they should be changed after 6 months use.
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The filtration technology inside the TAPP Shower Pro is the only filtration technology for showers that has been independently tested.

ProShower (previously TAPP 1s) has been tested and certified to remove more than 70 contaminants from tap water.

The products have been tested for compliance in accordance with the following NSF
standards: NSF/ANSI 177 Shower Filtration Systems - Aesthetic Effects

You can download our certifcation document here.

You can see more details here: http://www.kdfft.com/products.htm

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Substance Description of what is being filtered Reduction

Organoleptics parameters (taste, colourand odor)

The unpleasant taste or smell of water is generally caused by Chlorine, its by-products and organic contaminants. 95% or more is removed.

Chlorine and Chloramine

Chlorine is added to disinfect tap water from harmful viruses and bacteria. Measured in free chlorine after filtering. 95% or more is removed.

Chlorine by-products

Testing includes Total Trihalomethanes and Total Trichloroethylene. Clorine by-products include over 100 substances incl 32 known chlorine by-products (VOCs) such as THMs identified as potentially cancerous. 95% or more is removed.

Heavy metals

Occur naturally in trace amounts in water, from industrial waste or from pipe corrosion. Testing includes lead, zinc, manganese, barium and other heavy metals. 80% or more is removed.


Testing based on total pesticides. A total of 14 listed pesticides including Chlordane, Heptachlor, and Lindane are removed by 95% or more


Testing based on total herbicides. A total of 12 listed herbicides including 2,4-D and Atrazine are removed by 95% or more

Reducing limescale from forming in kettles, coffee makers, sinks and glasses after filtration 80% or more is inhibited.

Turbidity is a measure of the degree to which the water loses its transparency due to the presence of suspended particulates. 90% or more is removed.

The filtration is an effective water treatment to reduce or remove water pathogens such as Legionella pneumophila. However, TAPP 1s is not certified for bacteria removal. 90% or more is removed.

Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
Testing of dry-weight of suspended particles that are not dissolved after filtration. 90% or more is removed.

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To see our TAPP Talk

Unscrew the bottom of the ShowerPro and let the filter drop out.

Replace the old filter with the new one and screw back on.

Video for White & Chrome

If you encounter any difficulty to unscrew the Showerpro you can do several things:

1. Remove the ShowerPro from the mixer and wrap in a towel for better grip.

2. Spray WD40 oil or similar in the seal between the two pieces and leave that to work before trying again.

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The MYTAPP app is available for Android and IPhone and is an app that gives you the following:

  • Reminders to change your filter
  • Data on how many plastic bottles you have avoided using
  • How much you have saved by not buying plastic bottles
  • Data on the CO2 saved by not buying plastic bottles

You can find the MYTAPP app on the Android Play Store and the Apple AppStore

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There are 5 ways you can buy your TAPP Water Filters in Malta.

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When ordering on the website here at www.tappwater.mt we will use email to communicate about your order, send you an electronic invoice and inform you about your delivery.

We did trial the use of SMS and mobile phone numbers for this and it was not successful.

For customers who do not have an email or prefer not to give it we suggest you purchase from one of our retail partners.


Or contact us directly

We also make sure that we ask our customers how they fund our ordering and delivery service and for these forms we always need an email address so we can maintain accurate records which helps us provide a better service.

In addition if yousign up for our newsletter then you can get access o deals and news about TAPP Water in Malta and learn more about our products. We will also ask you to complete a short survey so we can also get to know you.

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You can arrange to pay by bank transfer before delivery and after you have placed your order

For BOV Mobile to Mobile to the numb er 99866142

For iBan transfer payments please use the following details:

Account holder - TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd


IBAN:BE16 9671 1139 5974

When paying from Revolut:

Make sure to choose the country Belgium (thats where our bank is based) and Euros.

To transfer any of over 30 supported fiat currencies to a bank account, tap 'Payments' → ‘Transfers' → ‘Send’ → ‘+ New’ → ‘Add a bank recipient’. You’ll be asked to add the bank transfer details for either an Individual, or a Business if you’re paying a company.  - See more

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For customers wanting to pay cash on delivery we suggest you make your purchase from one of our retail partners.


Or contact us directly to arrange a cash on delivery order

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Delivery is free in Malta and Gozo and our deliveries are made through our zero emission delivery partner E-Deliv using electric vehicles.

You will receive and email with the E-Deliv contact details and you will be able to contact them directly to arrange a day/time to deliver if required.
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Normally in Malta deliveries are within 3 working days day for orders placed before 6pm and within 5 days for Gozo.

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E-Deliv our zero emmission delivery partner will contact you for further instructions and make arrangements with you.

You will receive the contact details for E-Deliv by email from us and will be able to contact them directly to make arrangements.
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No, we are unable to offer collection of your order.

All orders are shipped from our facilities and delivered to the address provided at checkout.

If you would prefer to collect perhaps consider purchasing from one of our retail partners in Malta and Gozo.


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Here at TAPP Water we are firmly convinced that all our products fulfill the highest standards of quality.

As a matter of fact, we are that convinced that we even offer you your money back, if you are not satisfied with your TAPP Water Filter, or any of our products.

If, within 45 days following dispatch of your order, you are not satisfied with the product, we offer you your money back.

All you have to do is, within the 45 days following the date of dispatch of your order send the product back to our office by registered mail , indicating your name and order number. Our address for returns is the following:

TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd
PE0009MT, Easipik Suites
305, Triq Hal-Qormi ,
Marsa, MTP 1001 ,

Please contact us on hello@tappwater.mt to let us know you wish to return your product.

Excluded from this refund policy are the following products once they have been used by you: Refillable bottle.

Once we have received the product, we’ll proceed to refunding the amount of the initial purchase to your credit card or PayPal account. Please bear in mind that the money will take between 5 and 10 working days to appear on your account.

It’s as easy as that, but, trust us, you will never want to part ways with TAPP Water Filters!.

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When creating your account add your Company Name in the field available for this and just add your VAT nunber after it.

This will print out on your invoice, compliant with Malta VAT regulations.

If you have received an invoice without a VAT Number on it and now need a copy with your VAT Number please email hello@tappwater.mt with your order number and the VAT Number you require on the invoice and we will send you a copy.

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TAPP EcoPro has an EU Certificate of Conformity for the following:

FHM - all materials adhere to EU FHM Standards

ROHS2 - all materials adhere to EU Electronic Waste requirements

European Standard EN 1208:2005 - TAPP EcoPro is compliant with European Standard EN 1208:2005 for chemicals used for treatment of water intended for buman consumption

REACH - REACH Compliance: TAPP EcoPro does not contain any chemicals on the REACH SVHC List

European Legislation on Food Contact Materials: TAPP EcoPro does not apply any danger to health or environment according to article 3 in Framework Regulation 1935/2OO4/EC. TAPP EcoPro is manufactured according to Regulation 2O23/2OO6/EC on good manufacturing practice

TAPP EcoPro has been tested for compliance in accordance with the following NSF standards:

NSF/ANSI Standard 42: Drinking Water Treatment Units - Aesthetic Effects 

NSF/ANSI Standard 53: Drinking Water Treatment Units - Reduce a contaminant with a health effect. 

NSF/ANSI Standard 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects, for use in potable water systems 

LINK to Certification Document

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We are always looking to work with other sustainable brands in Malta and maintain a list of friends please do contact us if you would like to collaborate.
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TAPP Rewards is our loyalty and referral programme which is available to everyone .

The loyalty programme is simple - for every €1 (net of VAT) you spend you receive 5 TAPPS, you can use TAPPS to buy in the TAPP Water Malta online store.

The referral programme is simple, when you share information about TAPP in Malta you can offer your friends €20 discount off using a link unique to you. The €20 OFF applies to TAPP EcoPro, EcoPro Compact, PitcherPro and TAPP Shower Pro starter packs.

When your friends purchase you receive €20 as store credit.

Join in the fun right here by logging into your TAPP Rewards account.

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To spend your TAPPS Just login to your TAPP Rewards account and click "Ways to redeem" and you can spend your TAPPS to buy products in store.

Store credit is not transferable.

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It is very simple to refer friends and family.

Step 1:

Login to your TAPP Rewards account from the home page as shown in the diagram below or by clicking here


Step 2

Copy your unique personal link and use this to send to your friend or family member and let them know that clicking the link enables them to claim €20 off the TAPP Water filter starter packs.

Refer your friends

Step 3

When your friend clicks the link they will be shown and information page  and they will see a pop up inviting them to enter their email to claim €20 off.

Save 20 euros as a TAPP friend

Step 4

Your friend enters their email address and receives by email a friend discount code which they can use against the purchase of a TAPP Water Starter kit

Friend Reward

Step 5

Your friend makes their purchase saving €20 and you get a €20 euro credit in the form of 2,000 TAPPs to use in-store.

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We have set out to ensure that TAPP Water (Malta) is an integrated part of the circular economy in Malta.

To these aims we aim to ensure that we do not create more waste and we put in more than we take out of our economy in Malta, and in our little part of the global economy.

  1. We run a paperless accounting and compliance system so all invoices are issued electronically by email. We avoid keeping paper documentation.
  2. We do not use paper notepads for working, we only use digital notebooks and mobile phone devices.
  3. We reduce in everything we use. We try to avoid using something if we can.  We use recycled paper, but printing both sides is using 50% of the paper than if we printed separate sheets.
  4. We reuse everything wherever possible. Our products arrive in minimal packaging, which we keep and aim to use in our despatch process. Your may find your order arrives in a box which has been used before, or contains packaging that has been used before.
  5. We recycle what we cannot reuse. We are registered with GREEN MT uunder the waste recycling scheme and we have curbside collection in recycling bags from our location. We aim to minimise the recylced waste we have collected.
  6. We make sure any food or beverage is added to the organic waste collection.
  7. We aim to have no black bag collection waste at all.
  8. We plant trees in Malta to offset CO2 emmisions from our deliveries and company operations.
  9. We plant trees in Malta to offset the useage of paper, cardboard and tape for our deliveries and company operations.
  10. We aim to support organisations having a social impact - helping peole who need it, helping animals and cleaning up our environment.
  11. We are a Maltese company paying taxes in Malta at the standard Corporation Tax Rate, we have employees all of whom have fair contracts and who pay tax and National Insurance in Malta.

We are learning and growing in our intentions to be a responsible company in Malta so we will review our actions constantly to see where we can improve.

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The cradle to cradle modelling calculates that the TAPP 2 TWIST and 4 refills on an annual baisis has a carbon footprint of not more than 3Kgs a year (that is compared with up to 456Kgs when one person uses plastic bottles for drinking water). TAPP Water SL did these caculations and published them.

Delivery & Operations

Our orders are despatched in paper bags that can be recycled.

Arround 50,000 bags are derived from one tree.

We use Mela.Biz for our deliveries which are carried out on 125cc Scooters using green unleaded fuel. In an ideal world we would use electic scooters or electric assisted bicylces and we are hoping for developments in this area in Malta. Mela.Biz does an excellent job of delivering goods to our clients and thus we choose to offset the CO2 produced by planting trees in Malta at the rate of one ton per Tree over its lifetime.

We calculate as follows:

  • 0.44 Tons per 10,000KMs

  • 1 delivery is 25KM

  • 0.44 Tons for 400 deliveries

  • 0.0011g per delivery


Product: 3Kg per year per client or 285 clients means 1 tree planted per year

This would be 1 tree per 800 local deliveries, so 400 clients means 1 tree per year

We have not yet assessed our internal operations for the carbon footprint, however we keep it as low as we can.

So we plant 1 tree every 100 clients in Malta per year so about 3 times what we need to do to cover the products, delivery, paper bags, paper tape and paper printed for the orders.


Dec 2020: C02 Emmissions offset in Malta as part of TAPP Water 2020 Sustainability Commitment

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TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd is a company registered in Malta with the company number C95526.

The company is 100% owned by a British national resident in Malta since 2009 and pays coportaion tax on its profits at the standard rate for Malta, and the sole director is an employee paying tax and national insurance.

The company is funded by the sole shareholder and has no liabilities to banks or any other lender.

The company is VAT registered under the number MT27178032

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No. Not now, and not before.
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Our Activated Carbon Filter suppliers have sustinability in mind as a central component of their business as we do:


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Having an impact socially in Malta is at the heart of what we do. Where possible we will try and assist as our means and resources enable us to. We contribute bth time, connections, resources and money, it's not always about the money.

In 2020 this is what we have done:

Supplied 4 TAPP 2 TWIST for Fondazzjoni Sebh to be used to supply drinking water to children in two care homes in the appartments where the choldren live. We aim to supply filters on an annual basis to continue our support.

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We gave an annual TAPP 2 TWIST starter pack to Fondazzjoni St. Jeanne Antida for Sabina.

We gave a second annual TAPP EcoPro starter pack for a family of 7 to Fondazzjoni St. Jeanne Antida in order to alleviate their stress caused by debt. The annual starter pack helps the family save money.

We gave a further 9 TAPP EcoPro Annual Starter packs to Fondazzjoni Sebh so now in total we support 13 appartments in a shelter for the survivors of domestic violence at Dar Il-Miljh. These are annual support packages with our commitment to supply refill cartridges every year in order that we cn build on the support offered.

We supported the newly formed HPF Ranger Unit in Malta with a monthly contribution to their funding.

We sponsored the annual Climathon in Malta which this year worked on a solution to the waste problem caused by pacakging take out food.

Through the Antide Foundation We supported a mother of 2, 10 month old baby girl and an 8 year old girl, who was facing great financial difficulties with a TAPP EcoPro Annual pack to ease the burden of purchasing water and carrying them up 3 flight of stairs.

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We supplied 13 TAPP EcoPro Annual Refill packs to Fondazzjoni Sebh as part of our commitment to support 13 apartments in a shelter for the survivors of domestic violence at Dar Il-Miljh. These are annual support packages with our commitment to supply refill cartridges every year in order that we can build on the support offered.

We supplied a new EcoPro Annual Pack for Dar San Nikola a Children's Home within Fondazzjoni Sebh.

We supplied 2 TAPP EcoPro Annual packs to Rise Foundation for the offices and staff and also for one accommodation unit. We were pleased to be introduced to Rise by theHSBC Foundation in Malta and we plan to support Rise in an annual initiative.

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TAPP Water Ltd has its legal address in London

TAPP Water Filters are distributed in over 30 countries in the world including Bulgaria, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey and the United States.

Our Goal

Avoid 10 billion bottles of plastic pollution by 2024.

Our mission

Empowering people to easily get clean and healthy water from tap, with a minimum environmental impact.

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If you are unable to find the answer to your question then please contact us:

Email: hello@tappwater.mt

WhatsApp, SMS, VOICE: +35699866142

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tapwatermalta

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tappwatermalta

Twitter: www.twitter.com/tappwatermalta

You can also access our Support page

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