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[Explainer]How often must I clean my refillable water bottle?

It still feels good to me to be using a refillable water bottle and take it with me having filled it up from my TAPP 2 TWIST tap water filter at home in Malta. I prefer the stainless steel water bottles and have had a few over the years, it is definately better to go with quality ones as they do get knocked arround a bit. I had never really thought about any issues that could be caused by refilling water bottles. After all, its filled with pure, fresh clean water from my tap and only I am drinking from it; so what's the issue? It turns out there is more of an issue than we may think at first....

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[Explainer]The truth about bottled water in Malta

We read alot about how single use plastic bottles such as those used for drinking water in Malta cause polution and damage the environment, but do we know the whole story about bottled water in Malta; do we know the truth? In this article we will try and get to the bottom of the story about single use plastic bottles in Malta and see the bigger picture. What does it take to produce a plastic bottle? Most plastic water bottles for drinking water are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is made from petroleum products which are modified to make long polymer mollecules in a complicated process. Plastic bottles are made by a two stage Reheat and Blow machine, the first...

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[Explainer]How to save money by avoiding drinking from plastic water bottles

In Malta we have the highest use of plastic bottles for drinking water in the EU which shows up in the EURSTAT figures showing Malta has the lowest tap water consumption in the EU. That means that hundreds of thousands of households in Malta are buying plastic bottles and spending money that is absolutely unnecessary. Of course, the major supermarkets want to keep us locked into this wasteful cycle and even gives us "free water" in plastic  bottles when we shop. The good news is that you can swap these vouchers for points and spend them on something you need. So how much is this costing you? A 2L bottle of the cheapest bottled water at a major supermarket is...

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[Explainer] Why coconut is the best activated carbon water filter

Jim Galloway is a highly experience water filtration technician based in the USA and writes regularly on water topics, including water filtration, technology and politics and he suggests there are many reasons why coconut derived activated carbon water filters are the number one material for water filters. What is activated carbon? Carbon is a basic building block or element in organic life on earth, it is in plentiful supply and forms an important part of our lives. Activated carbon is carbon that has been processed with oxygen at high temperatures so that it opens up millions of pores in between the carbon atoms. This means the carbon has a huge surface area with pores of different sizes that allow water...

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