TAPP ShowerPro
TAPP ShowerPro
TAPP ShowerPro

TAPP ShowerPro

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Box contains 1 filter and 1 cartridge for 6 months of showers.

    • Soft skin and healthy hair: Say farewell to dry skin and fragile hair. Reduce eczema, fragile nails, dandruff and hair loss.

    • Reduces mould and limescale build up in shower area

    • Compatible with all standard showers.

    • Installation in a few seconds and without tools.

    • The only independently lab certified shower filter (using KDF-55) proven to reduce chlorine and limescale.

    Solves problems of brittle hair and dry skin

    KDF-55 (Copper Zinc Mix) technology removes contaminants from the water, thus avoiding dry skin as well as brittle hair and nails . Ideal for skin care of the more smaller members of the family too.

    Advanced filtration

    The TAPP ShowerPro removes chlorine, lime, heavy metals, bacteria and microorganisms present in the water as well as possible fungi, algae, and mould in the bathroom.

    Easy to fit yourself.

    Mount it between hose and shower head / hose or between hose and tap.