TAPP 1UF - Ultrafiltration home water filter
TAPP 1UF - Ultrafiltration home water filter
TAPP 1UF - Ultrafiltration home water filter

TAPP 1UF - Ultrafiltration home water filter

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    • Ultrafiltration used for wells and water tanks in Malta
    • Up to 6 months of filtered water
    • The only Ultrafiltration Faucet water filter removing 99.9% or more of bacteria
    • Includes 1 filter and 1 cartridge (lifetime of 6 months maximum)
  • Why do I need Ultrafiltration?

  • TAPP 1UF is a home water filter that removes 99.9% of bacteria and so is useful for when the water supply is from a tank or well.

  • The TAPP1UF was designed for emerging countries with a poor mains water supply and is used in Malta only for cases where the water supply is from a well or tank.

  • How does ultrafiltration work?

  • The filter cardirdge incorporates a 5-stage Ultra Filtration Technology based on activated carbon, hollow fiber and calcium sulfite  removing 100+ contaminants incl bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides,  chlorine and more resulting in a better taste and smell.

    1. Strainer mesh - Filters out hair, sand, dirt and other impurities from the pipes for the filtered water.
    2. Coconut based Granular Activated Carbon – filters 70+ contaminants through adsorption including chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and more
    3. SIlver impregnated Granular Activated Carbon - ensuring there is no bacteria growth inside the filter
    4. Ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane with with pores of about 0.02 micron which means that nothing larger than 0.02 micron will go through. This removes 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses. 30+ contaminants.
    5. Polypropylene cotton - filters out larger particles and ensures that the GAC is protected
  • How long to the filters last?

  • Each cartridge lasts 4-6 months (ca 2400 L)
    Monitor use and get reminders through MyTAPP App

    How do I install?

  • Easy to install and use (for drinking, cooking, coffee/tea) with switch to turn off and compatible with more than 95% of mixers in Malta with adapters used where needed and are supplied free of charge.