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Gozo In The House (GITH) Is A Digital Magazine & PR Agency Promoting And Representing People, Independent Businesses, Initiatives And Events On The Maltese Islands.


'Feed Our Mind, Body And Soul. Keep Us Healthy and Happy. Make It Good For Business, Good For Others,Good For Our Community And Good For Our Planet."

GITH are pleased to be supporting TAPP WATER Malta. TAPP is one of the first products we have come across that falls in line with our ethos and brand values. It has added much value to our lives at GITH HQ and we are pleased to offer our readers €10 off their first purchase.

"We have been using TAPP this summer and are so pleased with the results.  We are saving money, cutting down our plastic bottle intake and reducing landfill whilst supporting a young, sustainable, growing business, we urge you to do the same!" GITH Magazine

TAPP 2 TWIST Sustainable Water Filter

The TAPP 2 TWIST is the only sustainable water filter available in Malta.

Sustainable because the strong ABS Plastic housing will last many years before it can be recycled, and the refills are replaced only every 3 months, with the ABS plastic casing reused time after time. Each household that chooses TAPP Water saves at least 500 plastic bottles going into the waste system in Malta, and uses just 4 small refills in the process saving 180KGS of CO2 from being emitted and saving money as TAPP Water at just 25c a day is much cheaper than bottled water.

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