How it Works

The TAPP Water solution is the result of over 6 years investment on research & development of water filters for places where people claim to have “the worst tap water”.

The goals with TAPP Water filters are to:

  • Easy to fit without special tools or a plumber
  • Clean, tasty tap water using advanced technology
  • Affordable low investment to get started and low ongoing costs at just €60 a year for all your filters.
  • Sustainable, not only because each household that uses TAPP averts the use of up to 1000 bottles a year but also because we use biodegradable or recylable materials leaving very little plastic residue in our waste.
The result:
TAPP  Water Filter are the worlds first truly simple, affordable, sustainable and high quality water filter distributed in 30 countries and now available in Malta.

How does the TAPP Water filter work?

Activated Carbon BlockTAPP Water Filters use 5 stages of filtration including the highest quality activated carbon block with 1-2 micron filtration.


The water flows through the filter with tap water pressure and out comes as clean, great tasting water. The carbon block is made of organic coconut shell.


The filters are highly efficient in removing/filtering:

  • Taste and odor 
  • Chlorine and it’s by-products 
  • Heavy metals including lead
  • Nitrates, pharmaceuticals
  • Microplastics

The TAPP Water 5 stage filtration system

  • Stage 1. Polypropylene screen wrapper
    This wraps around the carbon block and filters out larger microorganisms, sediment, silt, rust, scale particles and other impurities. It also protects the carbon block from being contaminated by human hands when it’s changed.
    Stage 2: Activated Carbon Adsorption
    The organic activated carbon removes chemical organic material, chlorine, chlorine byproducts (VOCs, THMs, HAAS, etc) taste, odor, pesticides, herbicides, PFAS and 50+ other contaminants. It also reduces heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury and more.
  • Stage 3: Carbon Block Microfiltration
    The carbon block is highly compressed to prevent particles larger than 1-2 micrometers from passing through. This prevents for example all microplastics, suspended particles and most bacteria from passing through the filter. It also prevents most particles from pipe corrosion and biofilm (bacteria build inside the pipes) from passing through.
  • Stage 4: Limescale & heavy metal inhibition
    This is a proprietary formula (referred to as PSS) used inside the carbon block that breaks down the mineral to prevent limescale from forming and further reduce heavy metals. Previously we did about 50% and now this is increased to 80% reduction.
  • Stage 5: Strainer Mesh
    Filters out hair, sand, dirt and other impurities from the pipes for the filtered water.

See TAPP filters & Independent Lab Tests for a complete international list and certifications by the world’s top water labs and also this news article about the TAPP Water independent test on Malta tap water.

The filters last about 3 months and are easily replaced.

How does TAPP Water compare to other water filters available in Malta?

TAPP Water was designed from the bottom up to be easy to use, affordable and convenient. Other major advantages include: 

  • Advanced filtering technology removing more contaminants (independently tested)
  • Low ongoing costs, from just €60 a year which means just €5 a month for filter refill replacements
  • Sustainable refill cartridges, reducing plastic waste
  • Higher flow rate with no waiting for water
  • Looks great and takes very little space
  • Lowest CO2 emmisions when compared to jug filters and RO systems
  • MyTAPP Web and APP monitoring usage and savings
Before TAPP Water existing water filters were typically expensive, complex to install, ugly, difficult to use and low quality.
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Do TAPP Water Filters fit on mixers in Malta?

With over 1,500 households now using TAPP Water Filters to filter their water we can confidently say yes!

Most people can fit TAPP straight out of the box with the adapter supplied, on occasions we have to provide additional adapters but so far we have fitted TAPP 90% of the time with success.

You can take a look at the TAPP Gallery to see different types of mixers we have fitted to.

See how easy you can fit a TAPP Water Filter!

See how easy it is to install your TAPP when your mixer's aerator has threads on the outside:

See how easy it is to install your TAPP when your mixer's aerator has threads on the inside:

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