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TAPP 2 CLICK Smart - a water filter to last 3 months together with your TAPP 2 CLICK unit with Bluetooth © tehnology.

  • Great tasting water instantly available thanks to our advanced 5-stage activated carbon technology
  • Easy to install on your kitchen tap in just a minute
  • Switch quickly between filtered and non-filtered water
  • Refill reminders by email, with the MYTAPP app, and on the filter unit
  • Filter refills last for 3 months


  • Filters 100+ contaminants including chlorine, heavy metals and limescale while leaving the healthy minerals
  • No more plastic bottled water
  • Saves money
  • Healthier than tap and bottled water with no contaminants

Risk free purchase

  • Independently tested by the top EU labs and locally on Malta's mains water supply
  • FREE shipping to Malta & Gozo - delivery 2/3 days
  • 45 day full refund money back guarantee for any reason

Pure and healthy tap water

With the TAPP 2 Click easy-to-install water filter, you will instantly get pure, healthy and great tasting water straight from your tap, knowing that your drinking water is free from contaminants, chemicals, micro-plastics and that healthy minerals have been retained.

Good for the planet and your wallet

With each glass of water you can enjoy knowing you are helping reduce the huge plastic waste problem caused by using bottled water and gently smile, knowing that you are saving money with every drop you drink as your filtered tap water costs 12 times less than plastic bottled water and you will never have to lug those heavy bottles around again.

What’s included?

Included in your starter pack is the TAPP 2 Click filter unit made of recyclable ABS plastic and an organic filter made of coconut derived activated carbon with 5 stages of filtration that will deliver happiness and pure water for 3 months. This is the most sustainable water filter available in Malta - sustainable because we reduce material wastage and packaging to an absolute minimum.

Independently tested

Your TAPP 2 Click removes unpleasant taste and odour from your tap water so you can trust what you're drinking and taste the difference with over 100 contaminants  eliminated, including microplastics, chlorine, lead, pesticides and limescale. Your TAPP 2 Click keeps the healthy minerals such as magnesium, calcium or potassium and independent tests in both the USA and Europe back up the purity of the filter's effectiveness.

Reminders to change the cartridge

To make your life easier, the TAPP 2 CLICK communicates with the MYTAPP app to open the app when the sensor is pressed. Your MYTAPP app will remind when you need to replace filter refills and give you data about the CO2 saved, plastic bottles saved and even how much money you have saved.

Get started today

The TAPP 2 CLICK Starter Pack gives your pure, fresh drinking water for just 0.65c a day for the first 3 months, after that if you buy an annual pack of filters for €60 your pure, fresh drinking water will cost you just 0.26c a day over the first 15 months and 0.17c a day for the years after that!

Sustainable and healthy technology

Each cartridge contains carbon block technology with activated carbon made from organic coconut shells and 80% less plastic than any other water filter. The filter is made of EU Foodsafe materials and BPA free.

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