Can I get a water delivery in Malta?

Can I get a water delivery in Malta?

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Yes there are companies that offer bottled water delivered to your door in Malta and these companies will bring you bottled water right to your doorstep in Malta.

For drinking water suppliers in Malta, a common service is delivery in plastic bottles in the size from 10L to 19L with a price range from 2.80 up to 5 EUR.

You will need a stand for the bottles and a dispenser so you can have the luxury of cold water. You can also get a hot and cold water dispenser in Malta and you may get one for free if you sign up to a water delivery contract.

These dispensers are either for rent (around €60 a year) or you buy them for an extra cost, around €250. The dispensers require quite a lot of space, not mentioning the bottle or bottles you have in spare, on top of that they waste electricity.

You can also get porcelain water dispensers that are around €50 that take the smaller water jugs.

Water delivery in Malta

Water delivery companies in Malta

Here is a list of the companies that can deliver bottled water to you in Malta, some will offer you a free water dispenser with a regular delivery or contract, but these are some of the main drinking water suppliers in Malta.

Ecopure Water can be found at EcoPure Malta

H2Only: also known as H2O Malta

Aquani Malta can be found at Aquani water

JWT Caruana - delivering water in bowsers from 4,000 gallons

If your looking for water delivery near me then there are also small local shops, supermarkets and larger distributors who will offer bottled water delivery in Malta with 2L plastic bottled water, even by pallet load for saving more money and these local companies compete with the main drinking water suppliers in Malta.

Kristal is a popular brand for deliveries of 6 packs of water bottles and often people are looking for a kristal water dispenser, but we have not been able to find a suitable one for the 6 packs of water.

Farsons water delivery from Farsons Direct


For those companies that supply bottled water delivery in Malta and collect and reuse the bottles, it is a challenge to find reliable information on how the companies take care of the bottles such as; do they reuse them, how many times do they reuse them, what are the cleaning process. Furthermore there is no requirement for independent test results to be issued.

As far as for the water in the bottles, it is most likely the same water you have coming out of your own kitchen tap, that has been commercially filtered prior bottling.

The fact is that Malta's water supply meets all EU requirements and is safe to drink. However generally speaking people either don´t like the taste or do not trust the water supply. The main reason people drink bottled water in Malta is because it is convenient and it is marketed to us as a safe alternative to tap water, not only that, supermarkets give their customers free water with a certain amount spent. 

In fact the regulation of tap water supply is much more highly regulated, even though in general in Malta the water supply is not always trusted by everyone.

Convenience , but at a price

For those companies supplying bottled water delivery in Malta there are many efficient service providers to be found, they provide a convenience at a price.

So do you know how much that service from dinking water suppliers in Malta is actually costing you?

If 19L of water in a delivered, reused plastic bottle costs you €5 that is €263 per 1,000 litres of water.

You could compare that with the cost of tap water in Malta even at the most expensive residential tariff is around €5.14 (it is actually less in a commercial establishment), so you are paying around €257.86 for delivery, collection, salesperson, invoicing and credit!

Put it another way, the actual water is 2% of the service cost, the rest is, well, service.

It may be wise to think for a moment of the CO2 emissions in all this service. Without making a calculation, just imagine the bottling, cleaning, refilling, delivery and collection in addition to all the emissions involved in staffing and running an organisation to provide a service where the raw materials are 2% of the sales price!

The price is not just the cost to you for the service - its a price on the environment too.

A more convenient and better way

There is a more convenient and better way to have a reliable great tasting drinking water supply for homes and offices.

For larger quantities for offices above 20 people a reverse osmosis system makes more sense even if it wastes some water, the overall costs will be lower than a bottled water supply in terms of your cost and the cost in CO2 emissions for the planet.

For domestic use at home and offices up to 20 people a TAPP Water Filter is an ideal solution.

In terms of CO2 emissions per year, 1 TAPP EcoPro is calculated to cost 3Kgs of CO2 in a year, in total. Equivalent to 10 of those nasty 2L plastic bottles of water.

Save up to €1,191 a year by not having water delivered

In terms of financial cost, for 4,800L of high quality great tasting drinking water from just 4 filter refills of TAPP EcoPro at a total cost of €69 in comparison to the equivalent number of litres in delivered plastic bottles costing €1,263 ( 4,800 Litres divided by 19 Litres is 252 19L plastic bottles and times €5 each is €1263)

Imagine an office of 20 people, drinking 20 Litres a month for each person, means at least 20 of the 19L water containers delivered in Malta at a cost of €100 a month.

With TAPP EcoPro  the same 20 people could have high quality great tasting drinking water at just €69 which means an extra €1,131 going to the Christmas Party - Result!

It's the same at home, for just €69 you get 4,800L of great tasting drinking water, the equivalent cost of just 14 of those 19L water jugs delivered in Malta containing 266 Litres of water.

And of course the impact on the environment

As companies begin to measure their carbon footprint TAPP Water provides you with a big win, just 150g per person per year with TAPP Water. Maybe you would like to ask your water jug delivery company what their carbon footprint calculation is for just one water jug delivered?

BCRS in Malta

BCRS, the beverage container refund scheme has started up in Malta. Plastic bottles with a capacity of between 0.1L and 3L form a part of the scheme and this might lead you to think that the plastic bottles you leave for refunding are recycled. The truth is that any plastic you use can only be recycled 3 times, and still needs to be blended with virgin plastic in the recycling process. In fact most of the plastic that you might have thought would be recycled ends up in the landfill or getting burned.

We all know about the 3 R's of the environment; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It is time that we focus on the first one of these R´s. Reduce the way you use plastic and one way of making sure you do this is to stop using plastic bottled water and drink tap water at home.

TAPP Water has the filter that you can enjoy the taste of and feel safe at the same time since it filters over 100 contaminators  

They do not require much maintenance, you only need to change the filters on a regular basis and the water filters have been independently tested 

TAPP water also offers a guarantee that allows you to try TAPP Water for 45 days in your own home.  This so you can make a proper decision for yourself.

TAPP waters mission in Malta is to reduce the use of plastic bottles and we are happy for every new TAPP Hero who joins us!

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