TAPP Water V Reverse Osmosis in Malta

If you want to know which is better filtered water or reverse osmosis then you have come to the right place.

TAPP water filter vs reverse osmosis

TAPP Water provides filtered water without the disadvantages of reverse osmosis. To compare TAPP Water filters with reverse osmosis use the table below which summarises the current comparison between these two methods of water filtration in Malta. All the comprehensive analysis is below the table for your reference.

To consider which is better filtered water or reverse osmosis there are many different points you could look at, but the main ones are:

  • reverse osmosis wastes up to 5 litres of water for every litre filtered
  • reverse osmosis filters healthy minerals from your water leaving it flat and tasteless
  • reverse osmosis has a high initial investment cost, from 300 euros to 000's and high maintenance costs too.
  • Reverse osmosis takes up alot of space and is quite a complicated set up

Reverse Osmosis is a method of water filtration which is commonly found in homes in Malta so that water from the public supply can be consumed at home with confidence. Please check this article all about reverse osmosis in Malta for more details on this water filter process.

Now read on to consider the difference between a TAPP water filter vs reverse osmosis.

Households often want to filter the Malta tap water because public opinion is generally that Malta tap water is unsafe to drink, and you can read more about if Malta tap water is safe to drink.

Now let's compare the two methods of water filtration - Reverse Osmosis V TAPP Water in Malta.

Factor Reverse Osmosis TAPP Water

Low cost


High speed


No water wastage


No kitchen space lost


No extra tap needed


Preserving healthy minerals


Low environmental impact


Independently laboratory tested for Malta


Great taste


Now we can break down the difference so you can see which is better filtered water or reverse osmosis based on these factors:

  • Cost
  • Speed of delivery
  • Water wastage
  • Kitchen space lost
  • Plumbing requirements
  • Healthy minerals
  • Environmental footprint
  • Independent laboratory test results
  • Taste

Cost - TAPP Water is much cheaper than reverse osmosis in Malta

Reverse Osmosis systems in Malta cost at least €250 and can reach prices of up to €1,000 for the initial purchase and installation by a technician.

In addition every year, normally based on a 2 or 3 year contract agreed at the time of purchase, a technician will need to visit to change the membranes and filters and this cost is around €90 to €250 a year.

So in monetary terms the winner is filtered water vs reverse osmosis.

TAPP water filters start at €59 for an initial starter pack with a filter that lasts for 3 months, or between €99 to €129 for an annual starter pack with filters that last up to a year. There are 2 types of tap water filter system to choose from EcoPro, EcoPro Compact . The only annual cost is filter refill cartridges which costs between €69 and €89 and can be easily changed yourself.

Speed - TAPP Water is faster then reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis delivers water at approximately 1.5 to 2.5 Litres per minute.

TAPP Water EcoProEcoPro Compact delivers filtered water at 4 Litres per minute.

Water wastage - No water is wasted with TAPP Water, Reverse Osmosis filters produce waste water.

Reverse osmosis filters waste about 3 to 5 litres of water for every litre that is produced for drinking. Although this can be diverted to be used for toilets in the plumbing system of the house often this will incur extra costs.

There is no waste water with TAPP Water filters - just turn on the tap and drink!

Kitchen space - No space is lost with TAPP Water, Reverse Osmosis uses up lots of space under your kitchen sink or on your kitchen work surface.

A Reverse Osmosis filter system is normally installed under the kitchen sink and is quite large housing multiple filters, a tank and several metres of pipes.

TAPP Water filters connect to the kitchen tap, The EcoPro Compact is the smallest water filter in Malta.

Extra tap - No extra tap with TAPP Water, Reverse Osmosis needs the installation of a separate tap.

A Reverse Osmosis filter system will need an additional tap at your kitchen sink, or a kitchen mixer that is designed for multiple inputs which means most likely an additional cost for the household to add a new kitchen mixer.

TAPP Water filters connect to the existing kitchen tap and are compatible with most kitchen mixers in Malta.

Preserving healthy minerals - TAPP Water keeps the healthy minerals, Reverse Osmosis filters everything out.

A Reverse Osmosis filter is effective at removing everything from your water, which is why some systems will re-mineralise water after filtration.

The TAPP Water advanced microfiltration system removes everything above 2 microns particle size which means that healthy minerals are left in the water such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and selenium.

Low environmental impact - TAPP Water leaves a CO2 footprint far lower than a Reverse Osmosis system

Based solely on filter cartridge replacement rather than installation and transport a Reverse Osmosis contributes 16Kgs of CO2 per year of operation, whereas the TAPP Water filters contribute just 3Kgs of CO2 emissions per year.

Independent laboratory tested - TAPP Water filters in Malta have been independently laboratory tested, most Reverse Osmosis systems do not publish test results.

Most Reverse Osmosis suppliers in Malta have not published any independent test results for filtered water in Malta. TAPP Water Malta has published independent test results on the website for everyone to see confirming that over 100 contaminants are being filtered.

Great taste - Reverse Osmosis tastes OK most of the time, filtered TAPP Water has a great taste.

Your filtered TAPP Water is fresh from the taps and so is constantly filtered and refreshed and has never been standing around in a tank, and all the healthy minerals are preserved in the filtered water which means that some will feel that TAPP Water has more body than reverse osmosis water.

That is why we offer the TAPP great taste guarantee - we know you will love it!

The TAPP Water Story

Our mission is to eliminate plastic bottles for drinking water and you can read about the TAPP Water Story in more detail.

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