TAPP Water V Bottled Water in Malta

To compare TAPP Water filters with bottled water we have summarised our conclusions in a table and followed up with the more detailed analysis.

Bottled water in Malta is available at major supermarkets and small convenience stores because it is established in general use here that households either use plastic bottles for drinking water, or drink the tap water or use some kind of water filtration system. In this article we also look at the costs of "free water" available in return for spending money at major supermarkets, and finally we incorporate the looming BCRS, the Beverage Container Recycling Scheme in Malta that is due in 2022.

Water in plastic bottles is often marketed as healthier, cost effective and convenient. These "benefits" of water in plastic bottles are often just myths designed to keep consumers trapped into buying more plastic.

In our analysis we look at the health risks and benefits of plastic bottled water, the costs and the convenience in order to reach a conclusion.

Households often want to filter the Malta tap water because public opinion is generally that Malta tap water is unsafe to drink, and you can read more about if Malta tap water is safe to drink.

 Now let's compare the two methods of household drinking water - Bottled Water V TAPP Water in Malta.

Factor Bottled Water TAPP Water

Low cost




No waste generation


No storage space needed


No trips to the shop


Microplastics free


Low environmental impact


Independently laboratory tested for Malta


Great taste


Cost - TAPP Water is much cheaper than bottled water in Malta

Plastic bottled water averages out at about 2.50c for a 2L bottle in a 6-pack from a local supermarket. If a family buys just 1 6-pack a week that would be €130 a year, so 2 packs a week €260, 3 packs €390 and 4 packs €520 a year.

TAPP costs €69 - €89 a year so a household will be saving from between €41 and €431 depending on their consumption. The TAPP water filters during a year will deliver more water than buying 4 of the 6-packs a week.

What about free water, the water you get with your supermarket points? Well this is actually quite expensive water. If you changed your points for "cash" to spend in the supermarket you would actually gain up to €248 a year anyway when "earning" up to 4 of the 6 packs a week. If you only earned 1 of the 6 packs a week you would still be better off and you can read our detailed report on this for more information. 

Convenience - TAPP Water is more convenient than bottled water

Plastic bottled water may have been convenient at some point in history, but it's probably just another myth anyway. There is nothing convenient about stacking up those plastic bottles in your shopping trolley, lugging them to the car, loading up, driving back home to unload them into the house again, only to use them once before having to crush them into a recycling bag which you can only take out on certain days.

With EcoPro and EcoPro Compact just turn on the tap and drink. Nice and easy.

No waste generation - TAPP Water produces almost no waste, bottled water produces loads of waste

Plastic bottled water is a consumption based, single use, wasteful idea that does not make any sense at all if thought about. It is not even a case of being idealistic, it is just so easy to see every morning on our streets in Malta just how much waste is produced by plastic bottles.

With EcoPro there is just 4 small refill cartridges to discard, and EcoPro Compact produces more cartridges but they are smaller. Compared to a pile of 1,000 plastic bottles? Well no comparison really.

No storage space needed - TAPP Water needs almost no storage space, whereas  plastic bottles take up lots of storage space.

To try and save money on these expensive plastic bottled water, most households buy in bulk and store them at home.

Imagine the space you create when you drink water from TAPP Water.

No shopping trips - TAPP Water delivers to you instead of all those shopping trips to get plastic bottles.

Make your shopping trips easier and leave those plastic bottles on the shelves. Or the floor.

TAPP Water refill cartridges are delivered using zero-emission vehicles and no delivery charges, no minimum order values. Nice and easy.

Microplastics free - TAPP Water filters microplastics out of your water. Plastic bottled water contains microplastics.

Plastic bottled water contains microplastics according to plenty of research that is being and we describe this in detail on our report about the health risks with plastic bottled water.

TAPP Water advanced microfiltration removes microplastics from your tap water.

Low environmental impact - TAPP Water leaves a CO2 footprint far lower than plastic bottled water.

TAPP Water EcoPro and EcoPro Compact filters contribute just 3Kgs of CO2 emissions per year, whereas a plastic bottle of 2L contributes 250g of CO2 emissions so a family using 4 packs a week contributes 312 Kgs a year to adversely affect climate change. Each TAPP household saves over 300Kgs of CO2 emissions a year - our #TAPPheroes !

Independent laboratory tested - TAPP Water filters in Malta have been independently laboratory tested, plastic bottled water suppliers do not publish test results.

Plastic bottled water suppliers in Malta have not published any independent test results for filtered water in Malta. TAPP Water Malta has published independent test results on the website for everyone to see confirming that over 100 contaminants are being filtered.

Great taste - Plastic bottled water tastes great most of the time, filtered TAPP Water has a great taste.

Your filtered TAPP Water is fresh from the taps and so is constantly filtered and refreshed and has never been standing around in the heat, or stacked up in warehouses or sat on trucks in traffic.

That is why we offer the TAPP great taste guarantee - we know you will love it!

The TAPP Water Story

Our mission is to eliminate plastic bottles for drinking water and you can read about the TAPP Water Story in more detail.

The TAPP Water advanced microfiltration system removes everything above 2 microns particle size which means that healthy minerals are left in the water and over 100 contaminants are removed.

TAPP Water filters

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