The great taste guarantee


Great taste guaranteed

The great taste of TAPP Water is 100% guaranteed.

We understand taste is very personal, so it is in your hands.

Try TAPP, if you are unsatisfied during the first 45 days we will give you a full refund and you may return your TAPP purchase postage free.

We stand by our guarantee

Try TAPP Water for 45 days in your own home

The best test for TAPP is with you in your own home.

So just purchase your TAPP and try it at home for 45 days.

If you are unsatisfied just let us know, we will collect your purchase and refund your payment.

95% of customers keep their TAPPs

We know this after 2 years enabling households to make the sustainable change and stop using plastic bottles.

Return at no cost

Let's make the return process really simple.

You let us know, send you a Business Reply Postage Label and refund you.

You post the product back to us, postage paid by us.


We make buying online really easy

As an online store we know we have to make everything as easy as possible for you.

The advantages of buying through us online are:

*Returns made easy

*Quick and efficient free delivery

*Great customer service

*Lower costs for us, lower prices for you

It's all about the mission

Our mission is to eliminate plastic bottles, for you and the planet.

That means everything we do is focussed on achieving the mission.

We make it easy for you to try TAPP in your own home, we make it easy to return, we make it easy to purchase and deliver efficiently for free using zero-emission vehicles.

Together we will eliminate plastic bottles for drinking water.

Great customer service

Live chat, email, WhatsApp, Voice calls, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You choose and we will be there to respond Mon to Friday 10am to 4pm.

  • In love with the first sip

    For many #TAPPHeroes this is exactly how it is. One sip and wow!

  • Hmm, not bad at all

    Surprise is one of the reactions we see regularly for first time #TAPPHeroes, surprise that TAPP Water really tastes OK.

  • Unsure, maybe, I think so

    For some #TAPPHeroes changing away from a favourite brand of bottled water takes some letting go and some time to get used to the change. But it's worth it, no more plastic bottles!

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Advanced microfiltration

Our coconut derived activated carbon filters contain micro-pores which are less than 2 nanometers (nanometer=1 billionth of a meter=very, very, very small).

The coconut shell used in the process mean these carbon blocks will have a high surface area with a large number of micro-pores, exactly what we look for in a top quality water filter for use with a kitchen tap.

The carbon blocks themselves give up very little dust as they are very hard and the material used is a green, renewable, harvest-able material.

Learn more

TAPP Water filters

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