TAPP Water V Jug Filters in Malta

To compare TAPP Water filters with jug water filters like Brita jugs or Philips and BWT jugs available in Malta and we have summarised our conclusions in a table followed up with the more detailed analysis.

Jug water filters in Malta are available at major supermarkets and small convenience stores because it is established in general use here that households either use plastic bottles for drinking water, or drink the tap water or use some kind of water filtration system. In this article we also look at the environmental impact of the plastic jug water filters available in Malta.

Brita water jugs are popular in Malta an in particular the Brita Marella jug and we have used this jug water filter for comparison purposes.

Most water filter jugs, including the Brita Marella use granular activate carbon to filter chlorine and ion exchange resins to reduce limescale. But since these filters were first launched many years ago, water filtration systems have been further developed and more advanced filtration such as the solid activated carbon block technology used by TAPP Water is now available.

Whilst granular activated carbon, such as that used in the Brita and BWT jug filters do remove chlorine, there is very little information available or test results that indicate the efficiency of filtration for microplastics, herbicides, pesticides, antibacterial, pharmaceuticals, and PFAS removal. In comparison TAPP Water has been tested for the filtration of over 100 contaminants commonly found in tap water in Malta and the TAPP Water independent test results are published.   

Households often want to filter the Malta tap water because public opinion is generally that Malta tap water is unsafe to drink, and you can read more about if Malta tap water is safe to drink.

Now let's compare the two methods of household drinking water - Jug filters V TAPP Water in Malta.

Factor Jug Filters TAPP Water

Low cost




No waste generation


No kitchen space needed


No trips to the shop


Microplastics free


Low environmental impact


Independently laboratory tested for Malta


Great taste


Cost - TAPP Water is much cheaper than bottled water in Malta

The Maxtra filter delivers 100 litres of water at a cost of around €6.50, that works out at 0.065c a litre, a big saving on a litre of water in a plastic bottle.

TAPP EcoPro filters deliver 1,200 litres of great tasting water at a cost of €0.015c which is over 4 times cheaper than the Brita jug filter.

The saving is not so great when a household uses 100L a month - TAPP EcoPro is just €9 a year cheaper. But if a family is using 200L a month then TAPP EcoPro is €87 a year cheaper and with 300L a month TAPP EcoPro is €165 a year cheaper.

TAPP EcoPro filter delivering up to1,200L of water over a 3 month period means that you have much more flexibility, much more available great tasting water and all at a lower price.

Convenience - TAPP Water is more convenient than a jug filter

Jug filtered water may have been convenient at some point in history, and certainly these may offer advantages over bottled water. But do you really want to wait 5 minutes for your drinking water to filter when you can just turn on the TAPP and drink?

With EcoPro and EcoPro Compact just turn on the tap and drink. Nice and easy.

No waste generation - TAPP Water produces almost no waste, jug filters produce plastic waste every month

Jug water filters generate plastic waste thrown into the black bag every month, the granular activated carbon encased in a plastic casing all gets thrown away every month.

With EcoPro there is just 4 small refill cartridges to discard, these will break down in landfill as they are discarded outside of the re-useable plastic casing. EcoPro Compact produces more cartridges but they are smaller and just contain the activated carbon block with no plastic casing and thus will break down in the landfill.

No storage space needed - TAPP Water needs almost no storage space, whereas  jug filters take up lots of storage space.

Jug filters are quit bulky and sit on the side in your kitchen or take space up in the fridge. As you change filters each month then you may well store filters at home too.

Imagine the space you create when you drink water from TAPP Water.

No shopping trips - TAPP Water delivers to you instead of all those shopping trips to get plastic bottles.

Make your shopping trips easier, no need to think about water filters.

TAPP Water refill cartridges are delivered using zero-emission vehicles and no delivery charges, no minimum order values. Nice and easy. With Subscribe and Save you get 10% off and never have to think about ordering.

Microplastics free - TAPP Water filters microplastics out of your water. Jug water filters less so.

TAPP Water advanced microfiltration removes microplastics from your tap water, with a pore size of 0.2mm or less. On the other hand Jug filters using granular activated carbon have a pore size of 0.8mm to 1.0mm, still filtring microplastics but not as much as with the activate carbon block in TAPP Water EcoPro (1)

Low environmental impact - TAPP Water leaves a CO2 footprint far lower than plastic bottled water.

TAPP Water EcoPro and EcoPro Compact filters contribute just 3Kgs of CO2 emissions per year, whereas a plastic bottle of 2L contributes 250g of CO2 emissions so a family using 4 packs a week contributes 312 Kgs a year to adversely affect climate change. Each TAPP household saves over 300Kgs of CO2 emissions a year - our #TAPPheroes !

Independent laboratory tested - TAPP Water filters in Malta have been independently laboratory tested, there is no published test data on jug filters in Malta

Jug water filter suppliers in Malta have not published any independent test results for filtered water in Malta. TAPP Water Malta has published independent test results on the website for everyone to see confirming that over 100 contaminants are being filtered.

Great taste - Plastic bottled water tastes great most of the time, filtered TAPP Water has a great taste.

Your filtered TAPP Water is fresh from the taps and so is constantly filtered and refreshed and is often described as tasting far better than jug water filters. Try a blind test to see for yourself at home.

That is why we offer the TAPP great taste guarantee - we know you will love it!

The TAPP Water Story

Our mission is to eliminate plastic bottles for drinking water and you can read about the TAPP Water Story in more detail.

The TAPP Water advanced microfiltration system removes everything above 2 microns particle size which means that healthy minerals are left in the water and over 100 contaminants are removed.


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