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[GUEST BLOGS]tears of green – a Malta mum with the purpose of creating awareness on sustainable living and mindfulness

tears of green – a blog with the purpose of creating awareness on sustainable living and mindfulness My name is Louisa Tonna. I’m a mum of two young boys and the founder of tears of green. For as far back as I can remember, I have worried about the earth and its people and have become increasingly concerned by the environmental state of our planet. Watching David Attenborough’s documentary in 2020: ‘A Life on Our Planet’, was a wakeup call for me to really increase my efforts towards living more sustainably. It opened my eyes to what’s to come...a reality which we are already seeing unfold, but perhaps are unconsciously (or consciously) choosing not to see. I believe that each...

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[NEWS]TAPP Talk - We sit down with ReRoot Malta and talk about drinking water from the Malta public water supply and avoiding the use of single use plastic in Malta

TAPP Talk with @RerootMalta on Instgram ⚡️ REROOT MINI-SERIES⚡️ Episode 10: TAPP water interview So if you’re a newbie or an oldie to Malta or Gozo it’s should come as no big surprise that the tap water isn’t great 😓And it’s not just the taste that isn’t amazing. It’s what’s actually in the stuff where we really need to watch outI sat down with Phil Richards from @tappwatermalta to discuss how a filter system like TAPP is not just great for the environment and saves on plastic bottles, but is also great for your health 💪🏽   View this post on Instagram A post shared by ReRoot (@rerootmalta)   Want more? Catch our other interviews and talks on TAPP Talk...

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[EXPLAINER]Malta's wonderful alkaline drinking water.

Have you been reading about the wonderful health benefits of alkaline water? Maybe you have even seen advertising for special gadgets that make your water alkaline? The good news is that here in Malta our water is already alkaline - and when filtered with TAPP Water is independently tested to be more alkaline than before filtration. So what does all this mean and why is it important. What is alkaline water? Alkaline water is water with a PH level between 8 and 9. Spring water with a high mineral content will have this range of PH values. Pure water has a PH of 7, and in the natural environment runs over rocks and mineral deposits which then dissolve in the...

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[GUEST BLOGS] A new platform to kick start the European green deal in Malta - a hub of sustainability

Who we are A team of 4 women, passionate about the environment and determined to push the green transition in Malta. Our mission Green Deal Malta is an initiative launched by Ewropa Consultancy.It is a platform providing a centralised one-stop forum for sustainability matters in Malta that brings together all the private, public and individual stakeholders and action-takers to share knowledge, collaborate and make Malta greener, faster. In short it is a collaborative platform with the aim of growing a community of like-minded people all passionate about making sustainability a reality for Malta. Green Deal Malta will showcase – in this one centralised forum – the sustainability work being done by various stakeholders in Malta. It will introduce thought leaders...

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[GUEST BLOGS] A career in graffiti in Malta: I am a mural artist

So I am known as Cooker and been spray painting for seven years, but been drawing / painting on canvas at a younger age. It all Started from these wicked old school cartoons such as dragon ball characters in primary school I use to draw none stop at early mornings. I took a private school in art and at the age of 10 / 11 I dropped since I got bored of taking buses and knew secondary school I got to know art can be as a main subject over there, and remember since art wasn't successful that time, I was the only one who selected art from all kids. I was a quiet kid where I use to take...

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