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[GUEST BLOGS]immici Microfarms: building a better future for food and the planet in Malta

The founder of immici Microfarms is raising money to get the project started with help from the ZAAR crowdfunding platform. There are some very special things in the way immici will produce food. First of all, there are no pesticides in the plant crops and there are no excess heavy metals or microplastics in the seafood. Because immici uses aquaponics in both fresh and salt water, harmful chemicals would kill the fish, so the health of the system is the guarantee to our own health. The way aquaponics works is that when the fish are fed, their waste in the water is food for the plants. The plants take out these nutrients to thrive, and the fish get clean water...

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[GUEST BLOGS] Few, the app that supports health and wellbeing in Malta, built to connect you with independent practioners

WHAT DOES YOUR BUSINESS DO? Few is a holistic health and wellbeing platform that allows its users to work on the development of their physical, mental and spiritual health. We do this by connecting our users with the best practitioners both locally and internationally, via sessions online and in person.  WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE? I used to run a digital agency, then I moved to a technology consultancy. Here I helped them to scale their business and grow their operations from London to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Amsterdam and the north of England. I had worked in the tech space for over a decade, when I decided to start Few. Now I am using my experience to connect and enable...

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[EXPLAINER]How to get up to €248 more from your supermarket points in Malta

We all love getting something for free - its our wonderful human nature. But if "free" damages our health and our environment maybe it is time we looked for a better way. Most supermarkets in Malta will give you vouchers for "free" packets of bottled drinking water - and this traps us into spending money to get our drinking water and damaging the environment with the continuation of plastic bottle usage. So the good news is that you can free yourself from the trap of "free" water and even gain more money to spend on more appropriate products from your favourite store. We studied the mathamatics of a leading supermarket chain in Malta to work out the figures for you...

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