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[News] An affordable TAPP 2 TWIST annual pack now available in Malta

From 19th August 2020 we now have available the TAPP 2 TWIST Annual pack. The pack contains everything you need for your first years supply of TAPP Water and is available at a very attractive price of €89. Each pack contains 1 TAPP 2 Twist water filter unit and 4 refills which will last for 12 months giving you clean, pure and tasty water for a whole year. Currently the TAPP 2 TWIST Annual pack arrives in 3 boxes, by 2021 this item will be available in a single box to reduce packaging and provide an easy and efficient start to drinking TAPP Water.

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[News] Making TAPP 2 even more sustainable in Malta

The TAPP 2 water filter was launched in Spain in 2018 and in Malta in June 2020. Now the TAPP 2 water filter range gets some exciting changes that are available immediately in Malta. The changes to the TAPP 2 range is based on customer feedback internationally in addition to Malta and also honour the main goals of TAPP Water globally: Simple to fit without the need of special tools or a plumber Clean, tasty tap water using the most advanced carbon filter block technology Affordable with low investment to get started and annual subsrciptions from just €5 a month Sustainable, not only because each household that uses TAPP averts the use of up to 1000 bottles a year but...

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[News] New TAPP Water Malta services for August

Following on from our experiences in the first couple of months of operations we will update our services from 1st August to include a fitting service and an option to choose the day and time for delivery. Fitting Service for TAPP 2 TWIST water filter in Malta The TAPP 2 TWIST is very easy to install on most taps in Malta. However we have found that some people need some assistance, or are buying for an elderly relative or simply would prefer if we did it. From 1st August we offer you our fitting service for €10, just add the fitting service to your order, when prompted. Choose your day and time slot for delivery From 1st August you will...

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[Explainer]Why TDS fails to be a good way to measure water quality in Malta

Total Disolved Solids (TDS) is used by Reverse Osmoisis suppliers in Malta as a way of demonstrating the effectivness of water filters, however it really does fail as a good way to measure water quality in Malta. A TDS meter is used as a key water testing method as it is cheap and easy to do. I bought a TDS tester to try out for less than €20 in Malta and it was really easy to use, just place the probe end in water and bingo you have a reading.The issue is that TDS is very limited in terms of what it is measuring. Sure, it has it's uses but it is just one measure of one factor in water...

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[Explainer]What is the best water filter in Malta

Are you looking for the best water filter in Malta? You have found a resource that describes the pros and cons of different water filter systems available in Malta so that you can choose what is best for you. Many people in Malta are concerned about the quality of the tap water and in particular the poor taste of Malta tap water caused by the levels of chlorine after the de-salinisation process and the many other contaminants that can be found in Malta tap water such as heavy metals, herbacides, pesticides, pipe corosion and limescale. If you are also looking for a water filter in Malta because you are concerned about using less plastic waste and relying less on plastic...

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