How to save money by avoiding drinking  from plastic water bottles

How to save money by avoiding drinking from plastic water bottles

In Malta we have the highest use of plastic bottles for drinking water in the EU which shows up in the EURSTAT figures showing Malta has the lowest tap water consumption in the EU.

That means that hundreds of thousands of households in Malta are buying plastic bottles and spending money that is absolutely unnecessary. Of course, the major supermarkets want to keep us locked into this wasteful cycle and even gives us "free water" in plastic  bottles when we shop. The good news is that you can swap these vouchers for points and spend them on something you need.

EcoPro V bottled water in Malta

So how much is this costing you?

A 2L bottle of the cheapest bottled water at a major supermarket is 0.50c so that means its 0.25c a litre.

1000m3 will cost €1.3965 according to ARMS so that means your tap water costs 0.0013965c or to make it simpler 0.0014c

So we are talking 0.25c compared to 0.0014c which means that the cheapest bottled water is costing you 180 times more than tap water.

How would you feel if you were buying some other staple food supply, like bread for instance, and you were paying 180 times more than you needed to? It's like paying €180 for a loaf of sliced Maltese bread - crazy right?

 We discussed how you can save money with TAPP in TAPP Talk Live #19

But I don't like the taste of tap water!

This is a common reaction for many people. Our tap water in Malta meets all EU standards and is considered healthy for drinking, and yet people do not seem to trust it.

One reason is taste, frankly it seems that households need to feel that the water needs something more than what comes out of the tap, and this is quite often evidenced by the taste and the residue left in kettles.

And so the good news is that the TAPP EcoPro water filter solves these issues for you. It is simple to fit on your kitchen tap, you can easily switch between filtered and non-filtered water and the coconut derived activated carbon filter removes over 80 contaminants and results in great tasting, odour-free healthy pure water.

So will my tap water still be cheaper than bottled water when I use the TAPP water filter?

A year's supply of refills for your TAPP 2 Twist is just €69 , so for a household of 4 people drinking 2L a day per person the filter cost per litre will be 0.02 per litre and the total cost of the water 0.0214 meaning that bottled water is still 12 times more expensive.

Like buying bread at €12 a loaf, not as crazy as €180 but still crazy.

How much can I save per year?

Based on our calculations used above here is what households in Malta will save when they turn to drinking pure, clean TAPP water.

Household size € Bottled water €TAPP water € Saved per year
Single person €182.50 €69.00 €113.50
Couple €365.00 €69.00 €296.00
Couple+1 Child €456.25 €69.00 €387.25
Couple+2 Children €547.50 €69.00 €478.50


And if you were getting all your plastic bottles from your supermarket points you would still save Half of the amount saved per year if you used the points value instead to buy basic essentials.

Non-plastic refillable bottles means water on the go

Using the many refillable non-plastic bottles that are available to choose from means never having to buy bottled water when your out and about, for the children to take to school or for you to take to the gym or yoga class.

Time for action

Everyone likes to save money so now is the time to take action and get started with your TAPP EcoPro

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