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If you are thinking about buying a reverse osmosis home water filter in Malta then this article will tell you all about how it works, the pros and cons and ideas for alternative systems including activated carbon filters.

What is a reverse osmosis system?

Reverse osmosis is a process for water filtration and water treatment that is designed to remove salts in the water and reduce or remove specific chemicals and other material in order to purify water for drinking and general use.

Reverse Osmosis Malta

What does reverse osmosis water treatment remove ?

A reverse osmosis system removes nitrates, sulfates, heavy metals, and fluoride which is good, but it also removes healthy minerals such as magnesium, calcium, pottassium and sodium which is often what one might look for if you are buying bottled mineral water whereas an activated carbon filter does not remove any healthy minerals.

How does a reverse osmosis system work?

Reverse osmosis uses water pressure to push water through a semi-permeable membrane which allows smaller water molecules to pass through but prevents larger ones, such as salt, from passing through. It is filtering the larger molecules out from the final result of the water treatment.

A home reverse osmosis system will normally sit under the sink in your kitchen and need a technician to install for you.

Reverse Osmosis Malta Under Sink Installation

Does reverse osmosis remove chlorine?

A reverse osmosis membrane does not remove chlorine from drinking water, the best way to do that is with an activated carbon block filter, which is almost always another component in the reverse osmosis home filtration systems found in Malta, or one of the stages in a 5 stage water filtration system.

An activated carbon filter removes over 70+ contaminants including herbacides, pesticides, chlorine bi-products pharmaceuticals and more. Once filtered with an activated carbon block water is ready to drink and tastes great.

What are the disadvantages of reverse osmosis water filters in Malta?

Historically reverse osmosis has become the standard for domestic water filtration systems in Malta and there exists a whole industry servicing the demand for clean drinking water for your tap. However today, if you want great tasting drinking water in Malta there are alternatives to reverse osmosis easily available.

There are several disadvantages of a reverse osmosis system which are  sumarised as follows:

  • High investment - arround €300 to €500 euros
  • Wastes as much as 6X the water produced for drinking due to the low pressure environment in a domestic installation which cannot replicate the efficiency of the larger industrial reverse osmosis plants in Malta (Wikipedia)
  • Requires professional maintenance to keep the system running
  • Involves annual maintenance costs in addition to materials
  • It is unwise to leave the system for long perios without use as water collected in the tank is no longer chlorinated and may become contaminated.
  • The process removes healthy minerals
  • The systems contain multiple components such as pressure tanks, RO modules, membranes, valves, pipes and a separate tap.
  • Its quite a complex set up requiring professional installation watch this video to learn more about what makes up an RO systems and how to install it

Is the water from a reverse osmosis system in Malta healthy to drink?

The WHO has raised concerns about demineralised water, such as that from reverse osmosis systems, concluding that there is sufficient evidence that drinking water low in calcium or magnesium has negative health consequenes.

Is reverse osmosis malta water safe to drink

Is there an alternative to reverse osmosis home water filters in Malta?

The tap water in Malta is already fit for human consumption and meets EU directive standards therefore the focus is on improving the taste of the water and removing possible contaminants such as chlorine, THMs, microplastics and heavy metals.

Water is seldom used for drinking directly from the tap in Malta without filtering, in general people do not like the taste of Malta tap water.

An activated carbon filter is an excellent alternative to reverse osmosis in Malta.

TAPP EcoPro Water Filter in Malta

What are the advantages of an activated carbon filter?

An activated carbon water filtration block has the many advantages over a reverse osmosis system:

  • Easy to install by anyone
  • No maintenance, just replace filter cartridges
  • Simple system, few components
  • Low investment
  • Leaves healthy minerals in the drinking water
  • No water is wasted in the filtration process
  • Low risk of post filtration contamination
  • Water is ready to drink and tastes great, free from smell and taste of chlorine

TAPP EcoPro is the only sustainable activated carbon tap water filter in Malta.

TAPP EcoPro Water Filter in Malta

 Can I get a grant for reverse osmosis in Malta?

Any residential household can apply for a single grant for a home water purification systems so you can indeed apply for a grant for reverse osmosis in Malta.

The same grant system in Malta also applies for TAPP Water EcoPro water filters.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are looking for a domestic under-sink RO system which we aim to use in order to replace our regular purchases of bottled mineral water.

Could you kindly recommend a suitable model? We are a family of 4 and approximately consume 8 to 10 litres of drinking water per day.

In particular, I am interested in:
a) the cost of the unit itself, including installation
b) the approximate running costs of maintenance and filter replacement
c) the actual purity of output water, in terms of approximate mineral content and general hardness, assuming tap water is being fed into the supply line.
d) whether the unit is also compatible with third party filtration units or whether it mandates use of own-brand consumables
e) any other relevant information, including warranty issues, any special offers etc

Thanking you in advance

Best regards

Jean Paul Fenech

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