5 reasons to buy a water filter in Malta today

5 reasons to buy a water filter in Malta today

If you are considering having a water filter at your home in Malta here are 5 great reasons for making the decision today.

1. Convenience

    TAPP Water Malta

    Imagine not having to manage the purchase or storing of all those plastic bottles, with a tap water filter in your home in Malta all you have to do is turn on the tap and you have instant filtered water.

    A tap water filter is also more convenient than a jug filter, mainly because you will have no need to wait for the water to filter in the jug, or refill and wait again if you need more than a litre or so.

    The TAPP EcoPro is very low maintenance, just change your filter every 3 months to ensure a good supply of freshly filtered pure water at your kitchen mixer. It is really easy to install yourself with no plumbing needed, just attach to your kitchen mixer.

    2. Live healthy

      There is no evidence that bottled water is any healthier than filtered tap water, checkout our explainer article in this

      TAPP EcoPro provides instant fresh water, no storing in a tank or jug, just fresh straight from the tap with any harmful contaminants filtered out.

      Healthy minerals are left in the water and the great tasting water is good for all ages.

      3. Save money

        An annual pack of TAPP Filter Refills in Malta costs just €69 which is the equivalent of just under €6 a month over a year for all your drinking water needs.

        Supplying arround 4,800 litres of water a year these filters are a bargain because if you bought the equivelent amount of bottled water it would cost €1,000 saving you at least €960 a year.

        The cost of the filters is equivalent to 24 packs of water from a low cost supermarket, so if you use more than 24 packs a year you would save money with TAPP EcoPro , and have all the other benefits too!

        4. Save the planet

          An added bonus for you is that TAPP EcoPro is a sustainable, environmentally friendly product that averts the use of at least 1,000 plastic bottles a year for every household that makes the change.

          That is 1,000 plastic bottles that do not find themselves in the sea, on the beach, in the country or on the roadside.

          There is also a saving in the carbon footprint of the households using TAPP EcoPro as the CO2 footprint for the product and its use for a year is 3Kgs, rather than at least 250Kgs for a household just in the plastic bottles.

          In comparison to water filter jugs, a TAPP EcoPro is more highly sustainable as our customers reuse the plastic casing used with the filter refills so we minimise the plastic waste generated. Eventually the casings are recycled through the normal grey bag collection in Malta.

          Its a great start to doing your bit to ensure we care for our environment. When we change the world changes around us.

          5. Technology

            My Tapp APP in Malta

            The advanced 5 stage filtration process based on a activated carbon block made from renewable coconut is a highy advanced technology that has been improving over the years.

            Activated carbon blocks are now smaller, more dense and filter better than ever before.

            In addition TAPP EcoPro  is unique in the way we embrace technology to help us remember when to change filters and motivates us to keep saving the use of plastic bottles through the MYTAPP app which remind customers when to change filters and keeps track of money, plastic bottle and CO2 savings.


             5 great reasons to buy a TAPP Water filter in Malta today hopefully will give you all the motivation you need to make the change and start to avert the use of plastic drinking bottled water in Malta.


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