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TAPP EcoPro Compact filter cartridges for home water filter

2 day Free Delivery in Malta & Gozo

Zero-emission delivery within 48 hours in Malta and Gozo.

Great taste guarantee

Your purchase is covered by our 45 day full refund great taste guarantee. Just try TAPP Water in your home for 45 days and if unsatisfied we will collect your purchase and refund you in full.

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Independently tested

TAPP Water filters have been independently tested for use with Malta public supply. Read more.

100+ Contaminants filtered

Lime, chlorine (responsible for bad taste), THM's, PFAS's, HAA's, microplastics, sand, rust and sediment, lead, mercury, salmonella, legionella, pesticides, herbicides, drug residues, nitrates and other substances> 1-2 μm (microns) keeping minerals healthy. Limescale also inhibited by our patented formula.Read more

Easy to change

Easy to change the filter yourself in just a minute.

Long lasting filters

Each filter cartridge is normally changed monthly and delivers up to 300 Litres of filtered water.

If you are using less than 300 Litres of water your filter cartridge may last longer, but filters are never used for more than 3 months.

Up to 3L per day - change your filter cartridge every 3 months (€2.72 a month)

3L to 6L per day - change your filter cartridge every 2 months (€4.08 a month)

Included in the box

Either 6 or 12 filters included in your box.


Dimensions: 12.2 x 6.8 x 5.8 cm Weight 145g

Save 10% with subscribe and save on either the 6 filter or 12 filter pack.
  • Pack of 6 or 12 filter refill cartridges
TAPP Water Drives change in Malta

Join the #TAPPHeroes

Over 2,000 households in Malta are now avoiding plastic bottles, saving money and having a positive effect on climate change.

Over 2 million plastic bottles being avoided every year meaning that 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions that are saved.