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TAPP ShowerPro

TAPP ShowerPro

Free Delivery in Malta & Gozo (3-5 working days from despatch on Tuesday & Friday)

We use the MaltaPost Premium Courier Service which enables tracking of your order and we also offer delivery to an EasiPik locker of your choice for 24/7 collection.

Orders received from Thursday 4pm up to 4pm on Monday are despatched on Tuesday, orders received from Monday at 4pm up to 4pm on Thursday are despatched on Friday.

Guaranteed to work for you (or your money back)

Your purchase is covered by our 45 day full refund guarantee. Just try TAPP Water in your home for 45 days and if unsatisfied you may return your purchase (at no cost to you) and we will refund you in full.

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Independently tested

TAPP Water filters have been independently tested for use with Malta public supply. Read more.

Contaminants filtered

The TAPP ShowerPro removes chlorine, lime, heavy metals, pesticides, herbecides, bacteria and microorganisms present in the water as well as possible fungi, algae, and mould in the bathroom.

Calcium Sulfite
CaSO3 shower filter balls can remove 90% of chlorine from shower water with a surface time of as little as 0.8 seconds. This works in combination with KDF-55.

Copper-zinc water filtration is a high-purity brass water filtration process that relies on the redox potential of dissolved oxygen in water in the presence of a zinc anode and copper cathode. The main advantage of KDF is that it manages to reduce Chlorine and some fungi with hot water under high pressure. KDF-55 is the only independently proven technology for filtration of hot water with high pressure. KDF removes chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies. The process also has a mild anti-bacterial, algaecitic, and fungicitic, effect and may reduce the accumulation of lime scale.

Mineral beads (Crystal quartz)
Crystal quartz mineral beads with negative ion mineralisation are claimed to provide smoother skin, reduce oil secretion and increase cell viability. This is not independently verified.

Limescale inhibitor
Our proprietary formula that reduces limescale by 80% by inhibiting the limescale from forming. Note: This gives the perception of softer water although it does not reduce water hardness or TDS.
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Easy to fit.

Just screw on between hose and shower head / hose or between hose and tap.

Long lasting filters

Each filter lasts up to 6 months or 40,000 litres.

Included in the box

1 ShowerPro filter unit with either 1 filter for 6 months or 2 filters that lasts up to 12 months.


ShowerPro White: 12cm high by 9cm at the widest point. ShowerPro Diamond: 16.2cm high by 6cm wide

    Subscribe & Save 10% every year on ShowerPro starter packs with 2 filters included.
    • Soft skin and healthy hair: Say farewell to dry skin and fragile hair. Reduce eczema, fragile nails, dandruff and hair loss.
    • Reduces mould and limescale build up in shower area
    • Compatible with all standard showers.
    • The only independently lab certified shower filter (using KDF-55) proven to reduce chlorine and limescale.

    Please note:

    ShowerPro Diamond is our latest model with a new innovative design and easier fitting.

    ShowerPro White is available while stocks last. Filter Refills will continue to be available, but we do plan to cease sales of ShowerPro White once the stock is finished.

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    See how easy it is to fit ShowerPro Diamond

    Join the #TAPPHeroes

    Over 4,000 households in Malta have purchased a TAPP Water filter system avoiding plastic bottles, saving money and having a positive effect the environment.

    Over 2.4 million plastic bottles avoided every year means that 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions are also saved every year.