The TAPP Water mission to eliminate plastic bottles in Malta

The TAPP Team - Sustainable tap water filters in Malta

In Malta our mission is

To avoid 10 million bottles of plastic waste by 2025

To achieve this 10,000 households in Malta and Gozo will be drinking pure filtered water from their kitchen tap by 2025 using a TAPP Water filter.

TAPP Water Malta is part of the global TAPP Water movement that is on a mission to avoid 10 billion bottles of plastic waste by 2025 with 10 Million households globally.

Every household in Malta and Gozo that uses a TAPP Water Filter avoids at least 700 plastic bottles of plastic per year, emits 156 KG less CO2 and saves €312.

TAPP Water Customers Environmental Impact


 TAPP Water Environmental Impact

TAPP Water started in 2014 when Magnus from Sweden and Alex from Germany decided to create a simpler and more affordable way for consumers to have access to pure clean drinking water at home.

TAPP Water solves the four main problems with drinking tap water in Malta:

  • Taste - Malta's use of tap water for drinking is among the lowest in EU,  surveys conducted by the WSC shows that the preferred source of drinking water is, by far, bottled water because most people in Malta do not like the taste of tap water even if it meets all the EU safety standards. The WSC data shows that its a question of trust, simply put in Malta people just won't trust tap water even if it costs only €0.02c a litre.
  • Plastic Bottles - over 200 million are used every year in Malta. That's loads of plastic bottles, about 500 plastic bottles for every household. Very little is recycled in Malta (only 14%), whilst some of it exported after processing, plenty of plastic never makes it to recycling and ends up in landfill or discarded because only 25% is ever collected.. We all know this in Malta, because we see plastic bottles everywhere, on the beach, in the water, in the countryside, on pavements. It cant be good right?
  • Microplastics - When plastic gets into our environment it often ends up in our water system as microplastics; which we can then end up drinking. It may suprise you to know it takes 3 litres of water to make a 1L plastic bottle. Source: One Green Planet
  • Cost - Finally consumers have to buy, carry home bottles from the store and then store and throw away the bottles. For this they pay almost 1000 times more than tap water. As if this wasn’t enough the plastic leeches into the water which means that our bodies get contaminated with BPA and phathalates of which we don’t yet understand the long term impact.Source: One Green Planet

TAPP 2 is the worlds first smart biodegradable water filter in Malta produced for Europe and North America that anyone can install and that provides clean and fresh water directly from the tap in a sustainable way.

In Malta a recent study in 2019 on what is known as "forever chemicals" which are synthetic chemicals that are extremely persistent in the environment and in our bodies (technical term: Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs)) found that evidence of these chemicals are found in tap water, sea water, rain water, ground water and water valley samples. There is a growing body of evidence about the associated health risks.

Now available in Malta you can fit your TAPP Water Filter in less than a minute and you’re up and running. No plumber or special tools needed.

TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd is a local company launched on 08th June 2020 with the vision of helping you enjoy using your TAPP Water filter in Malta and Gozo.

Check out How it works for more information on the TAPP Water filtration technology, the only sustainable water filter you can find in Malta.