TAPP 1UF Ultrafiltration filter cartridges

TAPP 1UF Ultrafiltration filter cartridges

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Ultrafiltration used for wells and water tanks in Malta - Free shipping - 45 days full refund guarrantee

Up to 12 months of filtered water

The only Ultrafiltration Faucet water filter cartridge removing 99.9% or more of bacteria

Includes 2 cartridges (lifetime of 6 months maximum each)


  • How does ultrafiltration work?

  • The filter cardirdge incorporates a 5-stage Ultra Filtration Technology based on activated carbon, hollow fiber and calcium sulfite  removing 100+ contaminants incl bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides,  chlorine and more resulting in a better taste and smell.

  • How long to the filters last?

  • Each cartridge lasts 4-6 months (ca 2400 L)
    Monitor use and get reminders through MyTAPP App