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[NEWS] C02 Emmissions offset in Malta as part of TAPP Water 2020 Sustainability Commitment

When TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd launched in June 2020 we made a commitment to a sustainable business model and making the best decisions for business and the environment. A TAPP 2 Twist has a CO2 footprint of 3 Kgs compared to 456 Kgs if a household is using plastic bottles. Already using a TAPP 2 Twist is having an impact on CO2 emmissions in Malta. As a company we want to do more by ensuring that the CO2 emissions from the delivery inside Malta and our operations here are offset by planting local trees in Malta. We make our calculations so that for every 100 customers we need to plant 1 tree in Malta, this is actually 3 times more...

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[NEWS] TAPP Water independently tested to work in Malta

TAPP Water filters are already independently tested in USA and Europe to effectively remove or significantly reduce over 80 contaminants from the mains water supply. Now TAPP Water has been tested in Malta too! In Malta TAPP Water is on a mission to enable 10,000 households to have fresh, pure drinking water from the public water supply which will avert the use of 10 Million plastic drinking bottles every year. After a succesful trial run in May 2020, TAPP Water Malta launched in June 2020 and quickly helped hudreds of hourseholds to stop using plastic drinking bottles for water and enjoy fresh, pure, great tasting water without any of the incenienience of bottled water, or the cost. In June 2020...

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[NEWS] The bigger picture for TAPP Water Globally

TAPP Water SL the company behind the design and distribution of the range of TAPP Water home water filters have a mission to: Empowering people to easily get clean and healthy water from tap, with a minimum environmental impact. This mission is focussed on the goal of averting the use of 10 billion plastic bottles in the world by 2023. Throuugh distributors in 30 countries TAPP Water have already made an impact on the environment globally, but there is much more work to be done. Each household that changes to TAPP Water contributes to an overall impact on our environment, for instance all our customers in all countries had saved over 1,000 tonnes of plastic waste. In Malta we are...

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Let's do more together in Malta

In November TAPP Water Malta is running a campaign to help support the Association of Abaandoned Animals. For every TAPP 2 TWIST sold using the coupon code: AAAMALTA TAPP Water (Mallta) Ltd will give €10 to the Association of Abandoned Animals AND The purchaser will get €10 OFF their purchase of either a TAPP 2 TWIST Starter Pack or TAPP 2 TWIST Annual Pack. Please share this video or this page with your friends and relatives and lets do more together and raise some much needed funds for the Association of Abandoned Animals in Malta.

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[News] An affordable TAPP 2 TWIST annual pack now available in Malta

From 19th August 2020 we now have available the TAPP 2 TWIST Annual pack. The pack contains everything you need for your first years supply of TAPP Water and is available at a very attractive price of €89. Each pack contains 1 TAPP 2 Twist water filter unit and 4 refills which will last for 12 months giving you clean, pure and tasty water for a whole year. Currently the TAPP 2 TWIST Annual pack arrives in 3 boxes, by 2021 this item will be available in a single box to reduce packaging and provide an easy and efficient start to drinking TAPP Water.

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