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BottlePro - Reusable water bottle filter refill cartridges

BottlePro - Reusable water bottle filter refill cartridges

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Great taste guarantee (or your money back)

Your purchase is covered by our 45 day full refund great taste guarantee. Just try TAPP Water in your home for 45 days and if unsatisfied you may return your purchase (at no cost to you) and we will refund you in full.

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Independently tested

TAPP Water filters have been independently tested for use with Malta public supply. Read more.

Filters +80 substances , including lime

BottlePro uses advanced 4-stage microfiltration technology. The refills consist of a block of activated carbon that absorbs chemicals, gases, metals and organic elements thanks to its microscopic structure and highly porous surface. As the water passes through the refill, all substances are retained in the activated carbon. The result is clean, filtered water that is ready to drink.Read more

Just fill and drink!

Long lasting filters

Each filter lasts for up to 2 months and up to 150 litres of filtered water. Just change them yourself on or before 2 months to avoid bacteria build up.

Included in the box

BottlePro refillable water bottle filter refill cartridges including 2, 4 or 6 filters


150Litrs over a maximum of 2 months

Use Subscribe & Save on the pack of  6 refills to save 10% every year.

  • Pack of 2 (4 months) or 6 (12 months)  filter refill cartridges
  • Pack of Single Ahlstrom™ refill for non-drinking water

Ahlstrom - Nasa Space Technolgy Water Filtration for your adventures

The Ahlstrom filtration technology was originally developed by Fred Tepper of the Argonide Corporation for NASA for space exploration vehicles. More recently TAPP Water filtration media partner Ahlstrom adapted the space technology to be used in the BottlePro. 

This technology is changing the world of filtration because it is not a mechanical filter media.  Instead, it removes submicron contaminants through electro adhesion and ion exchange.

If you are traveling across Asia, Latin America, Africa or unfamiliar regions of Europe or the US or if you are hiking and need to fill your BottlePro from an uncertain water supply the Ahlstrom filter technology has got your back.

Pathogens in tap water are one of the most common reasons people get sick while traveling. Even if the locals drink the tap water your body may not be accustomed to the kind of bacteria in the water. This also applies to potable public tap water. 

The BottlePro with the Ahlstrom filter solves these problems and due to the space technology used in BottlePro you can practically drink water from any source. 

Ahlstrom filter technology gives you 250L of filtered water over a maximum of 2 months with 99.99% bacteria filtration.

Read more details about the Ahlstrom Water Filter technology on our blog.

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Join the #TAPPHeroes

Over 4,000 households in Malta have purchased a TAPP Water filter system avoiding plastic bottles, saving money and having a positive effect the environment.

Over 2.4 million plastic bottles avoided every year means that 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions are also saved every year.