How does the smallest water filter in Malta work?

How does the smallest water filter in Malta work?

In this recording of our live show look at the smallest water filter in Malta and demonstrated how it works. 

Check out the TAPP EcoPro Compact water filter.

Filtering over 100+ contaminants from our public supply water and independently tested for Malta, TAPP Water filters are in use in over 3,500 households in Malta.

You will save money as the TAPP EcoPro Compact water filter is just €59 a year for 6 filters that produce 2,400 L of great tasting drinking water. Much more convenient than those plastic bottles, and 4 times cheaper than "free" supermarket water if you use your points for something else.

Get started from just €59 with free delivery and our full refund 45 day taste guarantee. (Special Offer at the event)

In this recording see how EcoPro Compact works, how easy it is to fit yourself and ask any questions you like live.

00:00 Intro

01:34 Introducing the TAPP EcoPro Compact

02:13 The difference between EcoPro Compact & EcoPro

03:18 Why changing filters is important

04:29 How to fit the EcoPro Compact to a kitchen mixer

08:35 How to change filters in the EcoPro Compact

10:06 Switch between filtered and not filtered water

10:31 Detaching the EcoPro Compact housing from the Valve

11:55 Inside the EcoPro Compact Advanced Microfiltration Filter

18:12 The EcoPro Compact Chrome

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