Meet Annalena, serving you at TAPP Water Malta Customer Support

Meet Annalena, serving you at TAPP Water Malta Customer Support

Let me introduce myself and where I come from, you may have already met me on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Email!

My name is Annalena and I was brought up in Sweden, which is one of the Nordic countries where you can drink the water straight from the tap, it does not matter if it is your kitchen or bathroom tap. We have lots of lakes, rivers and natural springs, you can actually drink the water that flows in the mountain landscape straight from the source. 

We have something called “Allemansrätten” in Sweden, this can be translated to “right of public access”. The law states that you are free to walk, cycle, ride, ski and camp with the exception of a private garden, near a dwelling house or land under cultivation. However it is not only a right to roam the countryside, it comes with obligations and responsibility. The conditions are that you take care of nature and wildlife and that you show consideration for landowners and other people enjoying the countryside. If you are in the countryside you are not supposed to alter the environment in any way or leave trash behind, there should be no trace after your visit.. At a very young age we learn this and as a result most of us treat our environment with respect as we appreciate and honour the fact that we have the right to roam freely.

Recycling In Sweden


The first time I lived outside my own country was when I went to Brussel, Belgium for 3 months. Growing up in the 1980´s in Sweden left me believing that everybody recycled plastic bottles. When you bought a soda you paid extra money for the bottle which you later got back. You just took all your plastic bottles and put them into a machine, got a receipt that you handed the cashier in the store and either received the cash or it was deducted from whatever you purchased. I could not believe that they did not do this in the whole of Europe. 

I have always sorted garbage in different containers where I lived. If you live in your own hose with a garden in Sweden you often have a compost which you manage yourself. It rains quite a lot and the houses are equipped with chutes, many people collect the rainwater from the chutes in barrels to water their garden with, sometimes it is very dry in the summer and you will not be allowed to use drinking water to water your front lawn and garden with.

When I first came to Malta I was working within the tourist sector, I was lucky to change into another sector just before COVID hit us. During the lockdown and restrictions that were brought upon us I had plenty of time to think about the environment here in Malta and what changes I could do to make a difference. I slowly started to move towards a more sustainable way of living, using less plastic and being aware of every purchase I made.  I also changed my eating habits. When cooking myself I stick as much as possible to raw food and I prefer to buy locally produced fruit and vegetables. To me it just does not make sense to buy fruit and vegetables that have been shipped here and on top of it are wrapped in plastic and paper. There are some ecological farmers in Malta and I do prefer to buy from them.

My years in Malta have been a wonderful experience and its a privilege to call Gozo my home and when I met Phil Richards almost a year ago and realised he shared my ideas regarding the environment and sustainability, for me to take the step and work together with him in TAPP Water felt natural.

I love the fact that TAPP Water has a mission and I can honestly say we have the best customers ever! You are so polite and understanding when it comes to delays with our shipments or faults that sometimes occur, it is fun and rewarding to help you.

TAPP Waters mission is to reduce the use of plastic bottles in Malta and Gozo by providing a water filter to anybody who is concerned about the environment and the health of themselves and their loved ones.

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