C02 Emmissions offset in Malta as part of TAPP Water 2020 Sustainability Commitment

When TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd launched in June 2020 we made a commitment to a sustainable business model and making the best decisions for business and the environment.

A TAPP 2 Twist has a CO2 footprint of 3 Kgs compared to 456 Kgs if a household is using plastic bottles. Already using a TAPP 2 Twist is having an impact on CO2 emmissions in Malta.

As a company we want to do more by ensuring that the CO2 emissions from the delivery inside Malta and our operations here are offset by planting local trees in Malta.

We make our calculations so that for every 100 customers we need to plant 1 tree in Malta, this is actually 3 times more than we need to.

In December 2020 we arranged with the Grow 10 Trees Project in Malta to plant between 12 and 15 trees in Malta in January to offset CO2 from our operations in Malta in 2020. This is again overstimating what are own calculations show that we need to do, we would rather plant more trees in Malta we calculate we need to!

We are grateful for the Grow 10 Trees Project in Malta for helping us fullfill our obligations and we are looking forward to a planting session in January.

Grow 10 trees Tapp water malta
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