The bigger picture - globally on a mission to stop using plastic bottles fro drinking water

TAPP Water is fast approaching it's 1,000th customer in Malta which means that 1 Million plastic bottles will never be used and discarded in our environment every year.

That takes us well on the way to our mission here in Malta to have 10,000 households, just 5% of all households in Malta use TAPP to avert the use of lastic bottles fro drinking water.

This is a huge achievement for Malta and it has been a blessing for me to meet and talk with hundreds of families in Malta making the chage away from using plastic bottles for drinking water in Malta.

TAPP Water is distributed in over 30 countries at present and so there is a bigger picture to all this. There are great things happening outside of Malta too, over 36 Million Plastic bottles avoided globally and TAPP Water is on target to achieve its goal in 2023 of averting the use of 10 Billion plastic bottles every year globally.

Here is the scorecard for the global mission of TAPP Water, we are a part of this mission in Malta and our customers are doing their bit too!

TAPP Water Global Impact Dec 2020 in Malta

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