A travellers water filter bottle in Malta

A travellers water filter bottle in Malta

When you are travelling in a country where you are uncertain about the drinking water supply, it makes sense to take with you the type of equipment that makes your adventure travels safe and easy on the digestive system.

Avoiding that stomach upset whilst on your adventure travels from Malta is important to make sure you get to enjoy that holiday you have saved so hard for.

For most public tap water in Europe and the US you can usually get away with drinking it straight from the tap, even if the taste is off putting but you can resolve that with the BottlePro nice and easily using the standard filter supplied.

However, what about if you are traveling across Asia, Latin America, Africa or unfamiliar regions of Europe or the US? What about if you are hiking and need to fill up your water bottle? Would you dare to drink the tap water?

Avoiding those pathogens in tap water that results in an upset stomach is desirable for a visitor as local residents would be already accustomed to the exposure and will most likely be unaffected.

The BottlePro Adventure filter bottle uses technology originally developed by Fred Tepper of the Argonide Corporation for NASA to be used in space exploration vehicles.

The technology used was adapted by TAPP Water filtration media partner Ahlstrom for use in the BottlePro water filter bottle and is changing the  world of water filtration as it is not a mechanical filter but rather an electro adhesion ion exchange filtration process that removes sub micron contaminants.

Thanks to the technology used in the Ahlstom filter you can practically drink water from any source whilst on your travels.

What is inside the Ahlstom water filter in the TAPP Water BottlePro?

Inside the Ahlstom water filter is the active ingredient pseudoboehmite, AlO(OH) a mineral with a surface area of over 500 square metres for every gram of fibre made from the mineral.

Each fibre is 250 nm (nano metres) long and 2 nm in thickness and inside the crystaline structure of the filter the entire void space is charged with a powerful charge field activated by contact with water. The charge is very stable and maintains its charge in waters with a PH value between 5 and 9.

The electro adsorption captures contaminants that enter the media so that its pore size of 1.25 microns facilitates a fast water flow over the media leading to a high filtration efficiency and low pressure drop.

The Ahlstom Disrupter technology removes pathogens, including legionella, e.Coli and 99.99% of bacteria as well as many other common contaminants found in water. 

The Ahlstrom Disrupter technology is very effective for us in water bottles, back-packs, residential water filters and commercial water filters. For instance as a pre-filter for a reverse osmosis membrane it prevents bio fouling of the membrane so it lasts longer.

This comparison chart shows the wide range of contaminants captured by the Ahlstrom water filter. (Image from Ahlstrom information sheet)

Ahlstrom Disrupter Water FiltrationConclusion

Next time your planning on travelling take your  BottlePro Adventure filter bottle with you every step of the way. No matter where you are travelling to the BottlePro Adventure will be right there with you.

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