Are nitrates in drinking water in Malta bad for you?

Are nitrates in drinking water in Malta bad for you?

 Catch the replay where we discuss Nitrates in drinking water in Malta.

We look at the evidence of the levels of nitrates in the water in Malta, where this contamination comes from, and if nitrates can be harmful if ingested.

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The Independent on Sunday - April 2023

Article online or download PDF Exploring the sources and risks of nitrates and nitrites. Are we putting our health at risk?

In our discussion we look at the information in an authoritative article written by Professor Rendell and a colleague at the Faculty of medicine and Surgery and we look at where we ingest nitrates in our daily life.

We also take into account the WHO guidelines on Nitrates levels and drinking water safety and take a look at some areas in Malta and generally how testing water quality in Malta shows the nitrate levels in comparison to the WHO guidelines.

Finally we look at the beneficial aspects of some nitrates (and nitrites) in our diet and briefly consider how to look at diet and water consumption to see if our consumption is too high.

At the end of the show we discover how TAPP Water EcoPro filters nitrates from the water in Malta as well as 100+ other contaminants leaving you fresh, great tasting drinking water from your tap in Malta.



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