Are water filter pitchers safe?

Are water filter pitchers safe?

There are different opinions if water filter pitchers are safe or not. Let us take a closer look at why some say they are not safe and what we need to think about when using one.

Is a Water Pitcher Safe in Malta

The main issue seems to be the fact that if you do not change the filter, the filter itself may start to grow bacteria inside. Some others say that pitchers or jugs water filter systems only filter away some of the things we want to remove from the tap water. However there are no scientific facts that a water filter pitcher or water filter jug should be a threat to your health as long as you use it correctly.

First of all water filter pitchers or jugs are intended to be used exclusively with drinking water. It is not supposed to filter water that is not intended as drinking water from the beginning. 

With this said, is it under your own control to make sure that your water filter pitcher or jug is clean and has a new filter. The bottles you buy at the supermarket are controlled up to the point where they leave the factory. Are we sure that nothing has happened to the bottles during the shipment or in the store on the shelf? In Malta, they are often left outside a shop in the heat, or left on a truck for hours. 

When I am browsing around the internet to find information about this topic, I quickly realise that the common information is that in Europe the tap water is safe to drink and that a water filter pitcher is an additional benefit to improve tap water's taste. However, both you and I know that the tap water in Malta does not smell or taste good, and so in Malta a water filter pitcher or something similar is needed to enjoy the tap water.

The only reason I can see that it would not be safe to use a water filter pitcher is if you do not clean the pitcher or change the filter, since it in the worst case scenario, would grow bacteria in the filter, or the filter would no longer be effective.

Is Water Pitcher Jug safe to use in Malta

Which leaves us with the question: Are water filter pitchers safe to use? 

I believe so. 

All you have to do is clean your water filter pitcher or water filter jug with hot, soapy water and leave them to dry once in a while and change the filter when needed. The water filter does remove metals, chemicals and the organic compounds that affect the taste and smell of the water. And I prefer drinking water that looks, tastes and smells good, don't you?

A benefit you get from using a water filter pitcher or a water filter jug  is that you contribute to a better environment, not buying plastic bottled water! Of course it also saves you loads of money as filtered tap water in Malta is 10 times cheaper than that plastic bottled water.

The biggest difference with the  TAPP Water Pitcher Pro compared to the other water filter pitchers on the market is that it filters the water while you pour. This means that your water in the pitcher will always be fresh as you can fill it up and drink it in an instant. You do not need to leave water in the jug, you can clean it and leave it to dry in between every time you use it, or just refill and easily place in the fridge ready to drink.

The bottle itself is made of borosilicate glass, a glass that is mainly used in laboratory glass since it is resistant to high and low temperatures. The glass is easy to reuse.

The TAPP Water Pitcher Pro filter is a high-quality 3-stage filtration system and filters more than 80 substances from tap water, including lime and you will get our great taste guarantee  so you can decide for yourself if you like it or not.

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