Discover Thrive Festival 2024: A Wellness Experience on Our Doorstep in Malta

Discover Thrive Festival 2024: A Wellness Experience on Our Doorstep in Malta

As residents of Malta, we're fortunate to have a vibrant tapestry of culture and natural beauty surrounding us. Now, imagine adding a world-class wellness festival to the mix! Thrive Festival 2024 is set to take place right here in our beautiful archipelago, offering us a transformational journey of mind, body, and spirit without having to even leave the country.

So, What is Thrive Festival All About?

Forget the typical music festival scene. Thrive is dedicated to holistic wellbeing, with a fusion of camping festival vibes and a retreat atmosphere. It's where we can learn from experts, try new wellness practices, and connect with nature and community just as passionate about living well as we are.

Why is Malta the Perfect Setting?

Our islands, steeped in history and blessed with breathtaking landscapes, provide an idyllic backdrop for this journey of self-care. Thrive Festival is an opportunity to rediscover the magic of Malta while diving deeper into all things wellness.

What You'll Find at Thrive Festival 2024

Get ready to immerse yourself in a truly special experience:

  • Workshops That Inspire: From permaculture breathwork, dance therapy, to nature rituals and personal development. Connect deeper with nature through foraging and herbalism workshops, ice baths, sacred water rituals and tea ceremonies. Expand your wellness toolkit with sessions designed for everyone, from beginners to those looking to deepen their practice.
  • Wisdom from Wellness Lovers: Learn from Wellness practitioners who will share their insights on how to live a more fulfilling and balanced life.
  • Movement for the Mind & Body: Experience the joy of movement with dance therapy, and connect with your mind & body in new ways through breathwork, Tamascal and much more! Come and discover new ways to connect with your body and calm your mind.
  • Sounds That Heal: Let yourself be carried away by sound journeys, song circles and handpan concerts, as well as other interactive workshops where you can bring your own voice.
  • Fuel for Your Journey: Enjoy delicious vegan and vegetarian healthy food using fresh, Maltese ingredients that nourish your body from the inside out.
  • A Community that Supports You: Connect with other Maltese & International residents who are just as excited about wellness as you are. Build friendships and find inspiration within this like-minded group.

    Thrive Festival is Designed for YOU

    Whether you want to deepen your existing practice, try something new, or simply need inspiration to prioritize your wellbeing, this festival is your invitation.

    Thrive Festival 2024 is for all those who want to:

    • Invest in Themselves: This is your time to nurture your wellness on all levels.
    • Rediscover Malta's Beauty: Experience the familiar beauty of our islands with fresh eyes while focusing on self-care and connection with nature.
    • Become Part of Something Special: Connect with our local community of wellness enthusiasts and build lasting friendships.

      Let's Thrive Together!

      Thrive Festival 2024 is our chance to celebrate healthy living and personal growth on our own home turf. Don't miss out on this transformative experience right here in Malta! 

      To ensure everyone stays refreshed, TAPP Water Malta is generously supplying water filters, providing all participants access to clean, filtered drinking water throughout the event as part of our Social Impact 2024.

      Rico one of the organizers of Thrive Festival said "We at thrive have strong values around environmental care and not going to use any single use plastic products. We ask the participants to bring their own bottles or cups and want to provide free drinking water. That's why we are very grateful to TAPP providing their filters for clean and great tasting water. "

      Visit the Thrive Malta website ( to learn more and register.

      Here at TAPP Water we are very happy to support organisations that want to help us all do things differently. to us it is a huge step forward tat the organisers of Thrive Festival have chosen to encourage people to enjoy their Thrive Camping experience and still avoid the use of plastic bottles. Its a huge pleasure for us to be able to help make this happen.


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