Creating opportunities for Changemakers in Malta. Inspiring others to give and give well.

Malta Social Impact Awards 2021

The Malta Social Impact Awards was launched in 2016 by the Gasan Foundation and Inspirasia Foundation. Our mission is to provide opportunities for local changemakers to receive financial and non-financial support to develop initiatives that have a positive social impact on Malta. MSIA pairs businesses and philanthropists to social initiatives, while inspiring others to give and give well.

Blooming Minds at Malta Impact Awards 2021

To date, we have given over €320,000 in grants and much more in non-financial support to help develop these social initiatives. Our philosophy is that it takes more than money to create social change. Social purpose organisations need to be effective and efficient entities to generate and scale social change, and therefore we provide them with mentoring, workshops and match them with business executives to improve and strengthen their initiatives and ensure long-term sustainability. 

Over the years, we have been inspired by the passionate and dedicated individuals and organisations that are creating an impact on our Island. To date, MSIA has provided mentoring to over 50 organisations and funding to 13 winners, having an impact on thousands of lives in Malta – from children, elderly, migrants, disadvantaged groups, environmental issues and people suffering from mental or physical health issues.

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Business and Philanthropy hand and hand

MSIA  was born from the belief that in order to create real social change, the private and the non-profit sector need to come together. Both sectors can learn a lot from each other and be inspired and create long-lasting relationships which together aspire towards attaining social change. Working together and sharing knowledge could in turn give social initiatives the support they need to become more efficient and effective entities. 


We live in an interconnected world where everything we do affects another part of our ecosystem, a ripple effect that eventually comes full circle. Companies should strive to be conscious of their impact on society and find ways to use their resources, power and their influence on the betterment of society. 

Malta Impact Awards 2021


MSIA 5th Edition

This year marks the 5th Edition of the Malta Social Impact Awards, which for the first time ever will be a TV production aired on national Television in March 2021 for the public to watch. Five outstanding initiatives have been selected and will be pitching for all of Malta to see.  

Each year MSIA opens applications to local individuals and organisations. Applicants are then selected against MSIA criteria and those selected go through a rigorous mentoring period to improve the initiative’s effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. Mentoring is provided by TAKEOFF - a business incubator based at the University of Malta, as well as being paired with a CEO through VISTAGE for further mentoring in preparation for their pitches, and for the final broadcasted event.

“COVID-19 has affected everyone and the same can be said for social purpose organisations that are either struggling to get support or are needed even more given these unprecedented times. Both social and environmental organisations are even more crucial today and the Malta Social Impact Awards will continue supporting the inspiring work being done in Malta. With the event being held in March 2021, we are excited to be working with five fantastic organisations and initiatives that are making a difference and help them with mentoring, support and exposure that would hopefully also inspire other businesses and individuals to offer their skills and expertise or financial support.” Louisa Attard - CEO, Inspirasia Foundation.


Malta Impact Awards 2021

Are you a changemaker?

We believe changemakers are the people who wish to make a positive social change and impact around them to change lives and society. Do you have an innovative idea or an initiative that could have a sustainable and positive impact on Malta? If you have a social initiative, make sure to follow us to see when the next applications are open. 

Be part of the Impact!

If you are a business or looking to support exceptional social initiatives, get in touch and see how you can be part of the impact. The Malta Social Impact Awards would not be possible without the support of the business community. By bridging the gap between the private and social sectors, we can create social change and make a difference in society.

“Success in life should not be measured by the wealth you achieve, by the fame or power you have or by the people you know. It should be measured by the positive impact that you have created, what you brought to other people’s lives, the respect you have earned and the inspiration you have given. Through this, you have truly achieved. We should all strive in life to receive the biggest compliment… that we have been an inspiration.” – Mark Weingard, Founder of Inspirasia Foundation and Iniala Group.

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