Eco Market is making sustainable eco-friendly production and consumption the new norm in Malta

Ecomarket MaltaEco Market is on a quest to help make sustainable eco-friendly production and consumption the new norm. We inspire positive change by promoting ethical and responsible businesses to our ever-growing community of conscious consumers.The ultimate objective is to transform Malta into a greener, cleaner and healthier place to live.  


Ecomarket conscious consumer products in maltaBy now we are all aware of the devastating effects that consumerism has on our environment. The Eco Market makes it simple for you to buy high quality, reliable products and services that don’t harm the planet before, during and after the purchase. We work with businesses who are committed to create sustainable products, with sustainably-sourced materials, and generally operate with respect to the planet. For example, you will never find any kind of single-use plastic at the Eco Market. On the other hand, you can find zero-waste products, and products packaged in sustainable material that will bio-degrade, be re-purposed or can even be returned. Recycling is good, but it is always the last option. 

Ecomarket in Malta wth TAPP Water Malta

We believe that we can all do a great positive impact by performing small tiny changes on a daily basis. It is impossible to live the perfect sustainable lifestyle nowadays, and we know it can be overwhelming. So our message is to simply choose one thing that you can start doing today that leads towards a sustainable choice, and do it consistently, until it becomes part of your routine, and when it has been ingrained in your lifestyle, move on to choose a new action to take. 

Our community is made up of people who are passionate about Eco-friendly products and services for a variety of reasons. People connect to our cause because they want to ensure a better place for their children or grand-children, or because they support animal rights so they chose cruelty-free and vegan products, or because they want the very best for their body and buy only natural and organic products without the chemicals and harmful stuff, or because they don’t want to be part of a system that underpays and overworks its employees, perhaps even trade in child labour, or perhaps they just want to live consciously with respect to their surroundings and feel proud to be an ethical and responsible consumer.

 Ecomarket Malta 2020 with TAPP Water Malta

It is evident that the future is green. We cannot continue to live in this throw-away culture. We are already taking from the planet much more than it can regenerate. Scientists are warning us that if we don’t change our ways, there will be serious consequences between 2030 and 2050 that will create a drastic scenario on food, water and energy security. A good read in this regard is the report entitled ‘The Perfect Storm’ by UK Chief Scientific Advisor Sir John Beddington. Those years are not so distant in the future, so it is essential that we start effecting change NOW. We are the last generation who can take action before we reach a point of no return – the next generation will either continue on our steps or start suffering great consequences. 

“If given the choice and the proper education, I believe everyone would choose an eco-friendly product or service over one that damages the planet. The problem in most cases is lack of knowledge. Another issue is possibly pricing, and here we need to call on the government to enable new measures to facilitate the rise of a new green economy.” Zen D’Amato Gautam, founder of Eco Market Malta explains. 

Ecomarket Malta ecofriendly products on display

The Eco Market holds physical and online events highlighting businesses and entrepreneurs who comply with their Eco-criteria, and featuring a myriad of products and services from household, vintage, fashion, food, beauty, cleaning supplies, stationery, health & wellness, garden, toys and books and so on. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to learn about what new exciting projects they will soon be revealing. Subscribe to their email list and instantly receive the free E-book: 150 ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

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TAPP Water Malta is looking forward to taking part in the Eco Market events and supporting this positive initiative for Malta.

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