Frank Wrap reduces food waste and plastic, saving money and good for the environment in Malta

Frank Wrap Talking to TAPP Water Malta

Here at TAPP Water Malta we love connecting with other business owners that have the Malta environment and reducing waste in Malta as their top priorities. We are fortunate to meet many such business owners working hard to help us as consumers take positive actions.


We met with Adriana Frank from Frank Wrap to hear her story.

What does your business do?

Frank Wrap helps individuals to reduce food waste and in addition saves plastic waste. Frank Wrap is handmade from natural ingredients, it’s reusable, long lasting and washable.

Food lasts longer in the fridge when wrapped or covered in Frank Wrap so that is how we reduce food waste and it saves plastic as no plastic is used, it’s all natural.

What did you do before?

Originally I am an Accountant with a Masters in Management from Belgium and I worked in Malta in Audit after working in Diplomacy in Brussels.

When did you open for business?

We started in August 2019 with an online store.

Why did you choose this business?

I was looking for a business activity where I could use my qualifications and skills and I decided to learn to make a product that I wanted to use for myself. I was using plastic cling film and generating a lot of food waste for just me and my husband, and it disturbed me. Not because of the money, but the waste of effort of time and resources that were put into the food to be wasted. I started to think about what I could do on a personal level, and learning about this product was just for my own use to take action.

I enjoyed making it, I liked the quality, I was good at it, I was having a great time and was able to be consistent with it. At the same time I learned about the European Directive to ban single use plastic and I could see that the demand would be there. Thus I saw an opportunity and decided to launch the business.

What drives you?

I am driven by freedom, freedom of choice, of following a path that makes sense to me. To test myself and see what is possible and to see what can happen. With Frank Wrap what drives me is the certainty that I am doing my little bit to improve the lives of those around me. I am humbled that I can do something to help someone else reduce food waste and the use of plastic. Its the social aspect of the business, I have never been so happy as when I am doing this even if I I would earn far more in Diplomacy or Accounting.

What makes your business different?

Frank Wrap Vegan Talking To TAPP Water Malta

Diversification, ethics and commitment! I am diversifying, for instance for Vegans a special product using vegetable wax.

I make sure everything I do is based on research and I spend a lot of time researching suppliers making sure the high quality and ethical approach is the most important factor in the choice of the supplier.

I aim to be transparent, with my raw materials and processes. 


What is the best thing about being in business?

The freedom to develop and grow as a human being, to earn new skills and meet amazing people who I can choose to work with, people who share my values.

And the worst?

It's a challenge as a small business to purchase raw materials in large enough quantities, so negotiating these deals is the most challenging thing.

How have you seen Matta change over the past 5 years?

More expensive, less nature, more pollution, but more aware about the important things, not just about eco-friendly products and reducing waste but about ethical business and mobility. Malta is developing and growing and learning, its a very positive time despite our obvious challenges.

What do you think is in store for Malta during the next 5 years?

I think we are going in the right direction, we are more proactive we see a more serious commitment by people and those in government to recognise that things have to change and we have to do the right thing and i think we shall see more transparency more ethical and more eco-friendly products

What do you do then in your freetime?

I research! Especially at this time when travelling is so restricted. Frank Wrap takes most of my time and I spend more time thinking, researching and working on the business.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From the certainty that I can see things from a different perspective, to be involved with more ethical individuals, that I am adding value to people's lives so I am able to put into practice my beliefs and values on a daily basis.

What do you value most in a business partner collaborator?

My dream goal is to work with committed ethical individuals and businesses and its happening. In a year and a half of business I have met more ethical, hardworking, kind business owners than ever before. Kindness I mean offering your time, being interested, learning and sharing - this is what I value most as a human exchange.


Facebook: @beeswax.frank.wrap

Instagram: @frankwrap

Twitter: @frankwrap

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