Natural Health Malta Goes Green!

Diane and Trevor Cassar founded Natural Health Malta in 2013, and is the proud winner of the Environmental Initiative Award for SMEs. Our ethos is to use high quality organic and cruelty free hair and beauty products and to spread awareness on the usage of organic products in the hair and beauty industry.

Using Paper Not Foil

We believe in eco-friendly hair & beauty care that is healthy and guilt-free. From eliminating toxic products to minimising our carbon footprint, we strive to make a difference with every little thing we do in our salons, such as using paper instead of foil in a hair colour treatment. Our Green initiative ranges from collecting hair for cancer patient wigs to recycling plastic bottles.

The demand for sustainable and clean beauty is at an all-time high, this is the new norm of the hair & beauty industry. There is no place for synthetic, artificial, and exploitation anymore. Instead, we are seeing a surge of demand for vegan, organic, ethical, sustainable, and clean products and practices.

The green concept isn’t just eco-friendly. It is holistic. The ultimate goal is to create a minimal negative environmental impact.

Some of the measures we took in our salons:

  • We use Paper Not Foil instead of the aluminium foils; degrades within 6 months
  • Thermal Hat instead of hood dryer to regenerate heat
  • EcoHeads are installed with our basins; more pressure, saves water
  • Eco towels; 100% biodegradable
  • Hair trimmings used for compost; it makes an even more potent organic waste
  • Biofil (corn starch) for packaging; 100% biodegradable
  • Installed Tapp Water filters for drinking water; no more plastic bottles!
  • Using 100% recycled hair colour bottles
  • Sourcing sustainable eco suppliers 

Would you like to know more about our concept?

Check out our website for more information, and our Go Green Salon project

You can also shop the products from our brand house online We encourage other salons to contact us to join this Green Revolution!

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