Please do not underestimate your action towards a better environment in Malta

My name is Maria, wife to a very caring husband, mum to 2 beautiful kids and another one on the way. I am co-founder of Ikkuluriti- Eco Family Store in Malta.

We love the family and this is how we roll. Thankfully we are blessed to work together as a family with a significant mission which hopefully will bear fruit in us and in our country.

Part of our mission as a family is to be environmentally conscious of what is happening around us and do something beautiful for the people, the environment and beyond.

This is why my husband and I thrive to choose ways to live a sustainable life and be an example to our kids. They are the future and we firmly believe that we are their first teachers to show them how to live a sustainable life rather than be part of a throwing away culture.

Maria & Luke Vella Ikkuluriti Eco Friendly Family Store Malta
Last month Mr Johnson in his speech at the UN General meeting highlighted that "Our grandchildren will know that we are the culprits and that we were warned, and they will know that it was this generation that came centre stage to speak and act on behalf of posterity and that we missed our cue." and it is very easy to miss the cue!
As a mother, for sure I don't want to miss it. I love my children more than anything.
Thankfully, nowadays there are many ways and options in choosing a sustainable product versus one that will cause continuous damage to our environment over a long period of years.
One of the many options we did over the years was trying to eliminate as much as possible in using plastic and single use items. This is why we are so grateful that we haven't missed the Tapp EcoPro home water filter. This is our second year using it and it has and still does a very good job filtering our water in a very easy and practical way at home. We definitely won't be turning back to plastic bottles in our home. Apart from saving us time and planning to buy big heavy water bottles from the store, we save alot of money.
It is very easy to fit yourself and choose from filtered to unfiltered water, just with a twist! I really recommend it to everyone especially to those families who find it difficult to install other filtering systems because of space and money. Also, we went for the Tapp Eco Pro filter water because you can try it out with a starter pack of one filter, makes it not expensive as an inital cost and very handy. We have a small kitchen, so it is perfectly made for us as it does not take space in our cupboard, it just attaches to your tap.
Everyone drinks from this filtered water, us, our babies and our small two kittens which we have just got! We also use it to cook and fill our glass cleaning bottles. 
We totally understand that change doesn't happen overnight, it's a journey that one needs to get on board and enjoy!
The Tapp Eco Pro water filter is one of the big changes we did in our home which we strongly believe is a great contribution to our country, by saving loads of plastic bottles from being thrown away. And this gives us peace of mind. I do believe that each one of us can make a difference if we search for these options. 
They are out there waiting for you to try!
I really admire people like Phil who went all the way through to offer this sustainable and very effective option in Malta. We all know that the more we work together we will see better results in our country. We can't just sit still and wait for the government to make the change, it has to be us to see a change in the place we are living in everyday!
Unfortunately "We believe that someone else will clear up the mess we make, because that is what someone else has always done." Mr Johnson continued saying in his speech at the UN General Meeting. 
I know that alot of damage has been done and the majority of the people still continue to act as if nothing is happening but I know that there are also people who are working hard to reduce this damage from moving forward. This is why I continue to work hard with my family and also Ikkuluriti. I use this platform to educate, introduce new ways to live sustainably whilst enjoying being part of this beautiful change happening in Malta.
I am also grateful for getting to know amazing people in this community and collaborating with them on projects for change.
I would like to end with this thought for you to ponder on:
Please do not underestimate your action towards a better environment, your bit is really doing a great impact to our country.
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