Is an Aquafilter worth it in Malta?

Is an Aquafilter worth it in Malta?

If you are looking for the Aquafilter from Malta then you have arrived at a webpage to compare the Aquafilter available in Malta with the TAPP Water Filter also available in Malta.

"Aquafilter" is actually a brand name of a water filter company based in Poland that supplies Europe with water filtration and reverse osmosis units and the filter replacements for it, we do not know if the company is associated with the one on sale in Malta although the logo used on the Facebook page in Malta is the same.

In Malta the Aquafilter brand is used by Marco Cremona who supplies a water filter system for Malta which can be purchased at Zahra Enterprises where it is known as the FP3 Safe Drinking Water DIY Kit

The Aquafilter water filter in Malta has been featured in sponsored posts on the Times of Malta in March 2023 and in January 2023 by Lovin Malta and the Times of Malta.

What is the Aquafilter water filter in Malta?

In the articles above the Aquafilter water filter is described as a 3-stage water filter, specifically not a reverse osmosis water filter, but an in-line filtration system that is installed by a plumber at additional cost or by the customer themselves using the kit provided.

The 3 stages in the system are 3 filters:

  • 20 micron-rating Sediment Filter (Stage 1)
  • Granulated Activated Carbon (Stage 2)
  • 5 micron-rating polishing filter (Stage 3)

The DIY kit costs €75 and a set of 3 refill cartridges for the 3 filter stages costs €21 and last a family of 4 around 6 months according to the Facebook page.

A second mixer would need to be installed on the sink, unless the existing mixer has multiple cold water inputs like a reverse osmosis tap.

For your convenience a video from Facebook is shared below for you and this image is used in our blog post..

How does this Aquafilter in Malta compare to TAPP EcoPro

We compare the relative advantages of the FP3 Safe Drinking Water Aquafilter in Malta to the TAPP Water EcoPro water filter and conclude as follows:

Aquafilter has the following advantages:

  • Filters for a family of 4 for 12 months would be around €42 per year, TAPP EcoPro is €69 per year for all filters needed.
  • Nothing is attached to the existing kitchen mixer, TAPP EcoPro attaches to the kitchen mixer to filter right at the point of delivery.

On the other hand there are the following disadvantages when compared to TAPP Water EcoPro.

  • Bulky 3 stage system under the sink
  • More complex to fit as a DIY purchase, or additional costs for a plumber
  • Filters are used for 6 months or longer leading to potential bacteria formation in the filters, we change EcoPro filters at 3 months so that water filters are kept fresh
  • Final polishing filter is 5 microns, more then twice the size of the tested pore size of 2 microns for the TAPP EcoPro
  • Granular activated carbon is used in the Aquafilter carbon filtration whereas EcoPro uses a more expensive Activated Carbon Block, a solid filter with a high surface area leading to greater filtration efficiency for 2 of the 5 stages.
  • There are no published independent laboratory test results for Aquafilter in Malta whereas TAPP Water in Malta publishes independent test results for Malta and other international laboratories.
  • There are 0 reviews on the Facebook Page although comments praising the system are seen in various Maltese Facebook Groups. This is also the case with TAPP EcoPro and in addition there are 115 reviews on the Facebook page and over 174 on the website
  • The TAPP EcoPro does the job with just one filter with 5 stages of filtration using more advanced technology in its filtration system.
  • The great taste of the TAPP EcoPro is guaranteed or you have a full refund and we collect.
  • TAPP Water products are designed by TAPP Water in Barcelona with international accreditations and testing to international standards as the product is distributed in over 35 countries. It is not known where Aquafilter in Malta gets their supplies.
  • TAPP EcoPro always has free delivery for orders on the website or those made by WhatsApp, Facebook or any other channel.
  • TAPP EcoPro is also available in retail outlets in Malta.
  • TAPP Water Filters have been supplied to over 3,700 households in Malta, part of our mission to be helping 10,000 households eliminate plastic bottles. It is not known how many Aquafilter's are in use in Malta. 


If you are considering any water filter system why not try the EcoPro by TAPP Water? You have nothing to lose because all purchases have our 45 day full refund guarantee. We do this because 95% of customers keep their TAPP.

TAPP Water is designed as the simplest, most efficient water filter for drinking water from your tap. Our mission is to eliminate plastic bottles for drinking water so we know we must deliver for you at home:

  • Simple system to fit and manage
  • Easy to change water filters
  • Independent laboratory testing so you know it works
  • Great taste guarantee
  • Full support and back up in Malta

Will you join us as a #TAPPHERO and eliminate plastic bottles at home? Start today with TAPP EcoPro.


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