New TAPP Water Malta services for August

Following on from our experiences in the first couple of months of operations we will update our services from 1st August to include a fitting service and an option to choose the day and time for delivery.

Fitting Service for TAPP 2 TWIST water filter in Malta

The TAPP 2 TWIST is very easy to install on most taps in Malta. However we have found that some people need some assistance, or are buying for an elderly relative or simply would prefer if we did it.

From 1st August we offer you our fitting service for €10, just add the fitting service to your order, when prompted.

Choose your day and time slot for delivery

From 1st August you will be able to choose your day and time slot for deliveries within the following schedule:

Monday: North & Central

Tuesday: South & Central

Wednesday: Gozo

Thursday: North & Central

Friday: South & Central

Time slots are 1 hour long but we ask you to make provision half an hour either side of the time slot for when we are running ahead or behind our schedule.

COVID-19 Precautions

We are taking every practical precaution in light of our current circumstances in Malta. We always wear face masks for delivery and fitting, we remove shoes before entering a property, and we sanitise our hands before entering and on leaving.

We ask that you stay at least 1M away from us as we work.

Cash and Cards for payment on delivery

We now accept cash or cards for payment on delivery, and when we are fitting your TAPP water filter. We prefer card payments either at delivery on before through the website.

3 ways to order

We prefer orders to be placed via the website and payment made by card when ordering, it is far more efficient both in time and resources.

However we have found we have customers who want to place orders by phone, WhatsApp and on our Facebook page.

We now offer 3 ways of ordering:

1. on our website - 10% discount applies - payments by card on order

2. By Phone/WhatsApp +35699866142 - Payments by cash or card on delivery

3. Facebook @tappwatermalta - Payments by cash or card on delivery

Discounts will only apply with orders paid at the time on the website.


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