TAPP Water EcoPro Compact giveaway in Malta

With the launch of the TAPP Water EcoPro Compact water filter you are invited to join our promotional giveaway to take your opportunity to win a TAPP Water EcoPro Compact water filter for your home in Malta.

Good luck!

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Top quality servic and dives be for I got the tape water filter it tasted bad like chlorine odum and worst ivn bold it tasted bad whit the tape water I get prime water tasted saving my electric kettle from lime too for the prise it cose its way better then buying a reversezmose and no hass at all to fit or Chang the filters less then 2 min to fin and 2 to change filters I recommend it a lot ppl like me who had to buy water and are disability can’t take a pake of 6 r floor up now I don’t need to buy them and helping the environment from use of plastic whic take decades to to decops it self for 5+++ it is


Very satisfied clients. Excellent filtered water and assistance/service given is always top notch. Keep up the good work!


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