The bigger picture for TAPP Water Globally

TAPP Water SL the company behind the design and distribution of the range of TAPP Water home water filters have a mission to:

Empowering people to easily get clean and healthy water from tap, with a minimum environmental impact.

This mission is focussed on the goal of averting the use of 10 billion plastic bottles in the world by 2023.

Throuugh distributors in 30 countries TAPP Water have already made an impact on the environment globally, but there is much more work to be done.

Each household that changes to TAPP Water contributes to an overall impact on our environment, for instance all our customers in all countries had saved over 1,000 tonnes of plastic waste.

In Malta we are part the global plastic problem and we are also part of the solution.

Our goal here in Malta is to avert the use of 10 Million plastic bottes by 2023 and we are rocketing towards that target with each household that makes the change to TAPP Water.

Being part of a wider goal for TAPP Water globlaly has significant benefits for customers worldwide.

As TAPP Water grows in every country with distribution, our knowledge and experience grows, we receive more customer feedback and all this goes back into product development and the search for new technology in water filtration.

There are already exciting plans for 2021 with several new products coming on stream and Malta will be seeing all these developments as soon as they are available.

TAPP Water filters are independently tested by to high standards and the our test results are published - the transparancy is refreshing and TAPP Water (Malta) is pleased to be part of the global distribution for this rapidly growing water filtration brand.

In November 2020 TAPP Water Malta took part in a global online conference of TAPP Water Distrbutors to hear experience and knowledge from all over the world. It was quite an experience and we could conclude as follows:

  • There are issues with safe drinking water in many countries
  • Great tasting water is possible using a TAPP Water Filter in many different environments and water standards
  • Customer service is a top priority for TAPP Water in every country it distributes
  • Product development is ongoing and based on global customer experience
  • We are making progress - there is still much to do!
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