Relaunching #TAPPZero for  European Waste Reduction Week 2023

Relaunching #TAPPZero for European Waste Reduction Week 2023

Two years ago we attempted to launch #TAPPZero a waste reduction programme for customers to able to return filters to us for repurposing.

Unfortunately we were a little premature at that time, and got bogged down in environmental laws with waste collection and recycling.

#TAPPZero is really in our hearts and so in June 2023 we relaunched with the cooperation of our then couriers, who were able to collect refills at the same time as delivering new ones - but only if a form had been signed by customers.

This did not have the right affect, and caused complications in the delivery system.

It is with great pleasure that on the occasion of European Waste Reduction Week 2023 in Malta which is focussed on packaging we can inform customers that they may now request a #TAPPZero return bag when ordering filters.

Product Options at TAP Water

This addressed bag can be used to return up to 4 EcoPro refills, 4 PitcherPro refills or 6 Refills from EcoPro Compact or BottlePro. Postage on the return will be about €2.50 and will be paid by the customer. We hope in the future to be able to offer postage-page returns.

This year we moved to a sustainable delivery bag POLLAST!C which has proven very successful and reduces our environmental impact in a positive way and we believe that  #TAPPZero Filter Refill return bags will build on this move.

To return your filter refills just collect them during the year, letting them dry out and then at the end of the year send them back to us so we can repurpose them.

Our plans for repurposing are to crush the activated carbon for use in agriculture, firstly in a test programme for our home vegetable growing. The ABS plastic components will be shredded and then sent for recycling, the wire mesh and polypropylene layers will also be sent for recycling. The polypropylene is the most difficult at this stage, but even if we achieve reuse or recycling of everything else then we will have made a big step forward.


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