[Reviews] COOL - Ride-pooling in Malta

The concept of ride-pooling is very simple, you book a seat in a vehicle that others maybe using going in the same or similar direction to you.

You get picked up near your departure point and you get dropped off near your departure point.

It is more efficient than a door to door taxi service, and it cost less. It is environmentally friendly as you are sharing resources with others.

In Malta this concept works really well and the leaders in the field are COOL.MT.

COOL Ride Pooling Malta TAPP Water Discount

I use the service regularly when I am not using my scooter, so for instance in rainy weather, or when I prefer a car, or when in company.

For me, because I am happy walking some of the way the corner to corner shared ride service really suits me and I prefer using COOL to get to appointments for work or leisure when I need to go in a car and it saves me the  expense of maintaining a vehicle. If I can help it, I will avoid the rush hour times.

Giving up my car in the end really was no big deal, and it feels god to be able to give up owning a car and rely on services such as COOL Ride-pooling in Malta.

Competitors to Cool are at the two ends of the scale:

  1. Bus Service - Public Transport Operators
  2. Taxi Service - Private Transport Operators

I prefer COOL to a bus service where timing is important and I want better comfort than afforded by the public transport system, I pay for this priviledge. I will use a bus service when I have no care about how long it will take to get there and its outside any busy times.

I prefer COOL to a taxi service because I try to limit the amount of times I am in a vehicle on my own, it seems such a waste of resources.

On occasions I may use a COOL door to door service in a private ride, having this option is really great when I am in a small group, carrying luggage or when timing is critical. At times like this I may also use a Taxi service and the quickest operator wins.

COOL has great price plans for regular users, so its well worth checking out and you can get €2 OFF a shared ride using the code TAPP.

Here are a few interviews with COOL customers.



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