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[EXPLAINER] Why plastic recycling in Malta is not the answer to the plastic crisis

The Times of Malta published a detailed analysis by David Marinelli of of why it just makes sense to stop buying plastic alltogether. I highly admire anyone who does the research and is an expert to the level that the author obviously is, however for myself as a consumer I am keen to get to the salient points so this short Explainer seeks to provide an executive summary of David's indepth analysis iand some factual bullet points to back up the summary. It's shocking really - if you are like me and diligently sort your waste, feel good about disposing of your grey bag and think you are doing the planet a favour - think again. It's a myth...

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[Explainer]Why TDS fails to be a good way to measure water quality in Malta

Total Disolved Solids (TDS) is used by Reverse Osmoisis suppliers in Malta as a way of demonstrating the effectivness of water filters, however it really does fail as a good way to measure water quality in Malta. A TDS meter is used as a key water testing method as it is cheap and easy to do. I bought a TDS tester to try out for less than €20 in Malta and it was really easy to use, just place the probe end in water and bingo you have a reading.The issue is that TDS is very limited in terms of what it is measuring. Sure, it has it's uses but it is just one measure of one factor in water...

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[Explainer]What is the best water filter in Malta

Are you looking for the best water filter in Malta? You have found a resource that describes the pros and cons of different water filter systems available in Malta so that you can choose what is best for you. Many people in Malta are concerned about the quality of the tap water and in particular the poor taste of Malta tap water caused by the levels of chlorine after the de-salinisation process and the many other contaminants that can be found in Malta tap water such as heavy metals, herbacides, pesticides, pipe corosion and limescale. If you are also looking for a water filter in Malta because you are concerned about using less plastic waste and relying less on plastic...

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[Explainer]All about reverse osmoisis (RO) home water filters for your home in Malta

If you are thinking about buying a reverse osmoisis home water filter system in Malta then this article will tell you all about how it works, the pros and cons and ideas for alternative systems. What is reverse osmoisis? Reverse osmoisis is a process for water filtration that is designe to remove salts in the water and reduce or remove specific chemicals and other material in order to purify water for drinking and general use. Reverse osmoisis removes nitrates, sulfates, heavy metals, and fluoride which is good, but it also removes healthy minerals such as magnesium, calcium, pottassium and sodium which is often what one might look for when buying bottled mineral water. How does reverse osmoisis work? Reverse osmoisis...

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[Explainer]Can I drink the tap water in Malta?

Visitors and people living here often ask "Is Malta's tap water safe to drink?" and one would like to think there is an easy yes or no answer. But really it is more complicated because its not just safety that we need to keep in mind, our water in Malta is changing as the country develops and grows and the environment is also changing. So here we will attempt to provide some perspectives as we see them. Where does Malta's water supply come from? This a good place to strat as it helps us understand what the issues are. Malta has no lakes, rivers or natural reservoirs so even though we are surrounded by water in the beautiful Mediteranean sea...

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