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You can access useful clips from topics we have discussed from the links below:
TAPP Talk #57 - Can a water filter remove lead from drinking water?
TAPP Talk #56 - What water filter system is best for coffee?
TAPP Talk #55 - Reintroducing Pollinators to Urban Areas with Maria Eileen Fsadni from Friends of the Earth Malta
TAPP Talk #54 - Keeping the carbon footprint low from birth with Brenda Grech from The Cloth Nappy Company
TAPP Talk #53 - Beating Food Waste with Frank Wrap - with Adriana Frank
TAPP Talk #52 - Addressing the problem of plastic and microplastics on Malta's coastline - with Manya Russo of Zibel
TAPP Talk #51 - Meet Magnus Jern Co-Founder of TAPP Water in Barcelona
TAPP Talk #50 - New solutions for wet and sludge waste in Malta
TAPP Talk #49 - GOGreen putting the environment at the heart of business
TAPP Talk #48 - Solutions for reducing waste in the home
TAPP Talk #47 - What water filter is best for Malta?
TAPP Talk #46 - Which water filter is best for me?
TAPP Talk #45 - Top 5 TAPP Water Questions answered!
TAPP Talk #45 - Can you quote for installation?
TAPP Talk #45 - How much do filters cost to replace?
TAPP Talk #45 - How often need I change the filters?
TAPP Talk #45 - Can I taste the water before I buy?
TAPP Talk #45 - Does it waste water?
TAPP Talk #45 - The benefits of PitcherPro over EcoPro Compact
TAPP Talk #44 - EcoPro Compact Launch Offer
TAPP Talk #43 - Does a water filter remove fluoride?
TAPP Talk #42 - How do water filters work?
TAPP Talk #41 - Why TDS is not a good measure for water quality in Malta
TAPP Talk #40 - The BottlePro launch - the first water bottle filter in Malta
TAPP Talk #39 - What are forever chemicals in drinking water?
TAPP Talk #38 - How to get a government grant on a TAPP Water filter
TAPP Talk #37 - The lifecycle of a plastic bottle
TAPP Talk #36 - How to give 50% off to family & friends
TAPP Talk #35 - Who buys a water filter in Malta and why?
TAPP Talk #35 - Is bottled water any healthier than filtered tap water?
TAPP Talk #35 - TAPP Ultrafiltration water filter for a well in Malta
TAPP Talk #34 - Can you drink the tap water in Malta?
TAPP Talk #34 - Easy solution to drink filtered water in Malta
TAPP Talk #34 - Video of water going from brown to clear through a water filter
TAPP Talk #33 - 5 great reasons to get a water filter in Malta today
TAPP Talk #32 - 7 Myths about plastic recycling in Malta
TAPP Talk #31 - How can I get reminders to change my water filter refills
TAPP Talk #31 - The TAPP Water Mobile App
TAPP Talk #31 - The TAPP water email reminders for water filters
TAPP Talk #31 - Post It's, Calendars and Google Calendar
TAPP Talk #31 - Zero Emission deliveries with E-Deliv
TAPP Talk #31 - Our delivery and fulfilment process
TAPP Talk #30 - How to get more TAPPs and save money on water filters
TAPP Talk #30 - How to get online help via our FAQs
TAPP Talk #30 - How to choose your TAPP Water filter
TAPP Talk #29 - New subscription pricing and lifetime warranty on TAPP Water filters.
TAPP Talk #29 - The difference between EcoPro and EcoPro Compact and how do I choose between them.
TAPP Talk #28 - TAPP EcoPro Compact full demonstration
TAPP Talk #28 - New valve replacements and how they have been improved
TAPP Talk #27 - How to get help from TAPP Water Support and our FAQS
TAPP Talk #27 - TAPP Water Ultrafiltration
TAPP Talk #27 - Social Impact Actions by TAPP Water in Malta
TAPP Talk #27 - Cash on delivery or BOV mobile to mobile
TAPP Talk #26 - Rachael Hollwey's Independent review of TAPP Water
TAPP Talk #26 - How to use the "Live Page"
TAPP Talk #26 - Is TAPP Water any good for babies
TAPP Talk #26 - How to ask questions if your watching a recording
TAPP Talk #25 - The dangers of microplastics in water in Malta
TAPP Talk #25 - Attaching a ShowerPro to a hosepipe for garden watering
TAPP Talk #24 - The TAPP Water quiz - 15% Off!
TAPP Talk #24 - Different models of casings on EcoPro
TAPP Talk #24 - "The taste has changed!" Here's what to do if this happens
TAPP Talk #24 - How to give new customers €20 off and get €20 credit
TAPP Talk #23 - Rachael Hollwey, #TAPPhero Pain Relief and Management
TAPP Talk #23 - Full demonstration of TAPP EcoPro
TAPP Talk #22 - Changing the aerator on an EcoPro water filter
TAPP Talk #22 - The TAPP Water Guarantee
TAPP Talk #22 - Customer experience - water tasting of ointment
TAPP Talk #22 - Can you get help to fit a TAPP - introducing Gigify
TAPP Talk #21 - Does a water filter remove heavy metals in water in Malta
TAPP Talk #20 - TAPP ShowerPro Filter Change
TAPP Talk #20 - TAPP ShowerPro Demo
TAPP Talk #19 - TAPP PitcherPro Demo
TAPP Talk #19 - That free water at supermarkets - is it really free?
TAPP Talk #18 - Launching BottlePro in Malta - a water bottle with built in filter
TAPP Talk #18 - The top 4 reasons customers switch to TAPP Water
TAPP Talk #18 - TAPP Water mission in Malta and recycling of plastic bottles
TAPP Talk #18 - Changing the filter in an EcoPro and the filter capacity
TAPP Talk #18 - Changing the filter for an EcoPro Compact
TAPP Talk #18 - Fitting the EcoPro Compact
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