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TAPP Water Malta is sometimes fortunate to be interviewed on TV, Instagram, Conferences and Podcasts talking about sustainability, Malta tap water, single use plastic bottles in Malta, recycling in Malta and a few other subjects.

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September 2021

A chat with Olivia Saliba Cauchi at PAVI shopping complex in Malta where we discuss how Olivia eliminates plastic bottles for drinking water from her home.



July 2021

TAPP Water Malta featured in an Instagram Live feed with Rebecca Spiteri a digital creator in Malta sharing content about eco-friendly living, student life, travelling and lifestyle.


June 2021

TAPPWater Malta features in Episode 1 of the Change Makers series from Coral.shopping the best online source of Eco Friendly products in Malta.

Talking sustainability with Green Deal Malta

TAPP Water Malta CEO Phil Richards was interviewed by Green Deal Malta as part of their series on sustainability.

Green Deal for Malta is an initiative launched by Ewropa Consultancy.

It is a platform providing a centralised one-stop forum for Sustainability matters in Malta

May 2021

TAPP Talk with @RerootMalta on Instgram ⚡️ REROOT MINI-SERIES⚡️

Episode 10: TAPP water interview

So if you’re a newbie or an oldie to Malta or Gozo it’s should come as no big surprise that the tap water isn’t great 😓
And it’s not just the taste that isn’t amazing. It’s what’s actually in the stuff where we really need to watch out
I sat down with Phil Richards from @tappwatermalta to discuss how a filter system like TAPP is not just great for the environment and saves on plastic bottles, but is also great for your health 💪🏽


February 2021

Phil Richards, CEO of TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd, was one of the guests interviewed by Clare Agius during the session, Pitching for Good during this year’s (2021) Malta Sustainability Forum, organised by APS Bank.

The interview runs until 12:50 and below the full session is shown.

TAPP Water filters

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