The launch of the TAPP Water Malta community

The launch of the TAPP Water Malta community

I am pleased to announce the launch of the TAPP Water Malta community which is open today to new applications from people who share our mission to eliminate plastic bottles in Malta.

Now that we are fast approaching our two year anniversary of the 2020 launch and with 2,000 households now using a TAPP Water filter in Malta there has been some time to reflect on everything we have learned over the past two years.

A key fact has been that #TAPPheroes in Malta will often pass the message to their family and friends who then join TAPP Water as customers.

The issue has been how to formalise that, encourage customers to spread the word and be able to recognise them. We did this with TAPP Rewards our reward and referral programme that every customer is automatically subscribed into.

Every customer is able to earn rewards, TAPPs that can be exchanged for any item on our website, 100 points are worth €1 and when a new household joins TAPP Water from a customers unique link that customer is automatically given 2,000 TAPPs, worth €20 in store credit and the new household gets a €20 discount off their first purchase.

With just 3 or 4 new households joining TAPP Water from their link a #TAPPHero could accumulate enough points to get their filter refill cartridges for zero cost.

TAPP Water Community in Malta

The launch of our community is aimed at those #TAPPHeroes who would like to be able to do something a bit more. It's very much a digital community, and aimed at those content creators, influencers, educators and bloggers as well as membership organisations, unions and NGO's.

The community is open to anyone to apply to, as long as your focus is on Malta and we hope to be able to accept anyone that wants to spread the word.

For community members there is an opportunity to create a product review from the complimentary welcome pack of your choice from our 3 types of water filter, and opportunities for us to share your content on our social profiles with over 10,000 followers.

You can also add your content to our sustainability stories and gain exposure for your personal brand or organisation.

After a period of collaboration there is the opportunity to earn commission on new customers generated from your education and content, at this point we would know each other a little better and can formalise the arrangement with some more expectations on either side.

For all community members there will be live events where we can focus on sharing experience of what works, and what doesn't and also the digital assets that you can use in your content, as well as networking with other community members so we can all generate collaborations together.

The potential for collaboration with other partners in the community is one of the most exciting things about this and I hope that the TAPP Water Malta community will be able to help and support the changemakers in Malta.

TAPP Water Community applications are now open - do come and join us!

TAPP Water Community
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