The Malta Climate Action Awards: Agents of Change: TAPPWater

The Malta Climate Action Awards: Agents of Change: TAPPWater

At the Malta Climate Action Awards 2021 ceremony on 27th October 2021 TAPP Water Malta was awarded the Agent of Change award.

An Agent of Change in respect of these awards is one "who are carrying out actions on the ground to directly reduce the causes of climate change – greenhouse gases emissions."

TAPP Water Malta applied for the award becuause of the impact our customers have on the environment when they choose to eliminate plastic bottles used for drinkig water. At 31.09.2021 our customers had saved over 146t of CO2 emissions due to eliminating plastic bottles.

Aaron Farrugia Environment minister Malta Climate Awards 2021 Agents of Change Tapp water malta

The mission at TAPP Water is to enable housholders to eliminate plastic bottles used for drinking water in Malta, and at this time over 1,500 householders are now using TAPP Water filters in their homes which is saving over 1 million plastic bottles per year.

TAPP Water Malta was one of 9 applicants and 3 finalists in this category of the awards which were presented at a gala ceremony at the Incontinental Hotel in St Julians Malta.

The "Malta Climate Action Agent of Change 2021" award really belongs to the 1,500 households in Malta and Gozo that have eliminated plastic bottles for drinking water by using TAPP EcoPro Water filters.

From the Ministry of the Environment website:

The aim of the Climate Action Awards is to recognize and celebrate the actions and achievements taken by local businesses, public and private organisations, groups and individuals in the fight against climate change across the Maltese Islands. The Awards will seek to act as a catalyst in encouraging and inspiring others to take action towards reducing emissions and adapting to climate change. 

For TAPP Water in Malta it is hugely motivational to be part of this type of award process. During the public voting process it was great to see all the videos of the other organisation and business entities that had applied. TAPP Water Malta is just one of many organisations in Malta that is passionate about enabling climate action in Malta, one of many organisations in Malta that is right on the frontline or the doorstep of the Maltese household.

TAPP Water Malta Agent of Change Malta Climate Action Awards 2021

It was also very encouraging to meet and talk to the other participants at the social event after the Malta Climate Action Awards ceremony, here we all relaxed and discussed collaborations, ideas and further actions we could take together.

You may wish to follow the #ClimateOn facebook page for more inspirational stories about organisations that are working to enable climate change action in Malta.

One of our favorites was the video created by San Anton school which won the public vote award at the Malta Climate Action Awards 2021. The video is a call for action for everyone in Malta to take action on climate change and is called "Sing for The Climate - Do It Now (Malta Edition 2021)" and the schools win was lauded by the Times Of Malta.

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