The new water filter jug in Malta - TAPP Pitcher Pro

The new water filter jug in Malta - TAPP Pitcher Pro

If your looking for a water filter jug Malta has a new answer for you the TAPP Pitcher Pro.

Delivering 1.45 Litres of filtered drinking water on each refill the TAPP Pitcher Pro is a water jug with a difference because this one filters as it pours, no waiting for your water jug to filter your water.

Instead of the standard plastic water jug Malta will normally present you, this new standard for Malta offers a beautiful glass water jug that contains a 3 stage filter removing over 80 contaminants and instantly delivering filtered water.

Weighing just 600grams the TAPP Pitcher Pro is a water jug Malta can easily put in any household for use by all the family and in doing so make sure there are no plastic bottles used for drinking water.

Instead of having to wait for water to filter through as you would a conventional water filter jug, the TAPP Pitcher Pro filters as it pours at 2 Litres per minute so no time is wasted and the water tastes great.

It's is a sustainable product too, the filter cartridge refills are replaced every 3 months so they are kept fresh, and they can deliver up to 600 Litres during that time. It's important to change filters every 3 months to avoid any bacteria growth inside your filter.

Conventional water jugs to filter water in Malta so far, would throw away the plastic filter in its casing every month after just 100 Litres of water. TAPP Pitcher Pro is designed to be sustainable as the plastic waste is reduced when replacing the filter refill cartridges and the CO2 footprint of using this product is far less than in conventional water jug filters Malta has to offer.

TAPP Water is well known in Malta for EcoPro faucet water filter launched in Malta in June 2020 with a mission to eliminate 10 Million plastic bottles per year in Malta.

In December 2020 TAPP Water launched the ShowerPro water filter that reduces limescale and chlorine in your shower water leading to less irrated skin and healthy hair.

Now the TAPP Pitcher Pro is the water jug Malta has been waiting for. Designed in Borosilicate glass this 1.45 Litre jug is now available in Malta with free delivery and costs just €59 with filters costing arround €70 a year.

Can you think of a water jug filter Malta has available that has an App too? Thats what the MYTAPP App is giving you - its a sustainable way of making sure you get reminders to change your filters on time, no need for anything on your water filter jug, just a notification on your APP.

How many water filter jugs Malta can say have been independently certified? Infact the TAPP Pitcher Pro is available from TAPP Water Malta the only water filter company that offers an independent certification from laboratory testing for its water filter systems.

So here is a summary of the advantages of the TAPP Pitcher Pro the water filter jug Malta is set to love:

  • Filters as it pours
  • Borosilicate glass
  • 1.45L
  • Long lasting sustainable filter refill cartridges
  • Low carbon (CO2) footprint
  • MYTAPP app remind you to change filters


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