TAPP Water independently tested to work in Malta

TAPP Water independently tested to work in Malta

TAPP Water filters are already independently tested in USA and Europe to effectively remove or significantly reduce over 100 contaminants from the mains water supply. Now TAPP Water has been tested in Malta too!

In Malta TAPP Water is on a mission to enable 10,000 households to have fresh, pure drinking water from the public water supply which will avert the use of 10 Million plastic drinking bottles every year.

After a successful trial run in May 2020, TAPP Water Malta launched in June 2020 and quickly helped hundreds of households to stop using plastic drinking bottles for water and enjoy fresh, pure, great tasting water without any of the inconvenience of bottled water, or the cost.

In June 2020 we had a local free chlorine test completed which showed that the TAPP Water Filter effectively removed chlorine from the mains water supply in Malta and in November 2020 we sent samples to be tested by iTabe, an independent laboratory that tested all the contaminants and substances that we were interested in seeing results for.

The results of the independent laboratory tests for TAPP Water Filters in Malta show conclusively that TAPP filtered water is safe to drink with all the harmful contaminants removed.

Results of water quality tests after filtration with TAPP Water filters are available in detail.


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