There is no Planet B

There is no Planet B

There is one question we should ask ourselves much more often than we actually do; ‘Is this decision really going to affect the planet that much?’. The answer is always YES. Where am I going with this? 

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I’ve always been concerned for planet Earth and its health declining through the years. We often say we live once but we also only have one planet Earth to live on. When looking back at my education, it did leave a lot to wish for when it comes to the subject of living an environmentally-friendly life. The subject of sustainability is wide and most focus was on recycling and reuse. This is infact a necessity for everybody to know but I do not believe it is enough to teach, and I truly hope that the education about living in a more environmentally- friendly way has changed for the better. 

It was when I learnt about the damages that even one single plastic bottle does to planet Earth, I started on a mission of reducing single-use plastic as much as possible in my daily life. I stopped buying cling film, plastic bottles, plastic cutlery, plastic (single-use) food containers, etc. 



Such changes were obviously not done overnight and they required a lot of research, testing different products and adopting such measures in my day- to- day life. I’m truly happy that I found more eco-friendly alternatives to the products that I used to use in the past. It makes me truly hopeful to continue helping planet Earth and its future. Even more so now that I’m living in my own house, I’ve done and continue to do my best at having the most eco-friendly household as I possibly can. One of the main purposes is to use the least amount of single-use plastic I can, to do my best to contribute to a better climate. 

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On Instagram , Facebook and TikTok ,I have from time to time discussed such a topic and hopefully, some of the content I create and share about this topic has inspired some individuals to make more eco-friendly decisions in their daily lives. I truly urge you all to always think of the planet! Remember, there is no planet B!

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